Winner of the LagosMums “Umoja in Lagos” Tickets Contest

From the recently conducted contest for The Umoja in Lagos Tickets provided by Flytime Entertainment, the winner is one of our Lagosmums members, Ronke Nwadike and her winning entry is below. Congratulations!

What does being a LagosMum mean to you?

A Lagosmum is resilient, hardworking innovative. She juggles the school run whilst ordering beef for the week. She simultaneously corrects homework, ensures the uniforms are ironed, and cleans out the fridge herself because her staff just can’t get it right!

A Lagosmum buys her produce outside goodies, brings in a freezer bag of deli products from her travel, her tinned food in Shoprite and freshly caught seafood under law school bridge. She outsources her pepper buying whilst booking her husbands tickets and dental appointments!

She sneaks in a mani/pedi just before a school play, she sits through Dr seuss lorax in 3D. She drums up the enthusiasm to watch soccer at 8am Saturday morning. She falls asleep whilst watching her favorite soaps due to sheer exhaustion.

A Lagosmum has her hairdresser, her children’s karate teacher, her nannies and driver numbers ingrained in her brain just ‘incase’. She dreads the phonecall from the school nurse, but swings into action as she gets it. She is stocked up on Tylenol, toothpaste and kids body wash for at least a year. She is constantly looking for ways to stimulate her kids. She knows where to get the best cupcakes and pizzas. She balances reward, praise and encouragement with times out and groundings.

I am a Lagosmum!

And may we add, A LagosMum knows to visit to read educational and fun stories about parenting, meet other LagosMums, share a story and advise, get deals on shopping and find out about events!……


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What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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