World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day

Today is World Youth Skills Day, A UN resolution to establish a World Youth Skills Day was adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 18, 2014. The aim of World Youth Skills Day is to encourage youth to celebrate the value of acquiring skills like building, making, and creating as a way to achieve personal success and fulfillment.

Training Is Key

On the UN’s website, they state that education and training are the keys to success in the workforce. However, unfortunately, existing systems are failing to address the learning needs of many young people. A large number of youths have low levels of achievement in basic literacy and numeracy, according to surveys.

13.1% Youth Unemployment

Both the resolution and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) quotes an International Labour Organization (ILO) publication which states that 73.4 million young people were estimated to be unemployed in 2015, which equated to a 13.1% youth unemployment rate. The figure was expected to increase in most regions by 2017.

UNESCO states that one reason for youth unemployment, which affects all regions around the world, is a mismatch between the skills workers can offer and the skills which are in demand. This is known as structural unemployment.


Skill acquisition as a means of youth empowerment has caught government’s attention in Nigeria. This is so because it is believed that exposing youths to skill acquisition programs will reduce youth unemployment and enhance their self-sustenance.

Currently in Nigeria, there has been a lot of focus on Youth Empowerment and Development. So many states and organizations have embarked on various Skill and Acquisition Training for youths, such as the YEN Skill Acquisition Programme, Youth Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Programme of the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KPRC), DEC Enugu Entrepreneurial Skills Acquisition Programme,Imperial Education Services Skill Acquisition training,Dangote Academy, CVL Young Entrepreneurship Training Programme (YETP), African Youth Empowerment-Nigeria (AYEN) and Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI).

These skills and acquisition programs are all geared toward empowering the Nigerian youth. They offer training in these areas:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Fashion & Designing
  • Catering and Hotel Management
  • Bag/Shoe making
  • Hair Dressing
  • Bead making
  • Video Editing & Production
  • Website design
  • Event management
  • Beauty and cosmetology
  • Fishery and poultry management
  • Carpentry
  • Fashion and Textile Design
  • Electrical Installation and Rewinding
  • Photography and visual imaging
  • Building and tiles Interlocking
  • POP casting
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Auto-Mechatronics
  • Auto-Mechanics
  • Auto-Spray Painting
  • Welding and panel beating
  • Screen Printing.

Acquiring skills enhances youths’ ability to make informed choices and empowers them to gain access to changing labor markets.

Today on the Occasion of The World Youth Skills Day, July 15, 2017, the United Nations (UN) will host a special event, themed “Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment.” During the event, the organization will launch “the World Youth Report on Youth Civic Engagement,” prepared by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and which explores young people’s participation in economic, political, and community life.

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