Back to School Meal Timetable

Getting your children to eat nutritious, well balanced meals is not always easy.

Perhaps you struggle with ensuring your child is eating enough fruits and vegetables. To make Back to School easier, we have prepared a one month back to school meal timetable to make meal planning easier.

Just download, print out, buy your groceries a week in advance and your meals are ready! Great for back to school and for the whole family.

Order today to get your one month worth of meal time tables to get you through the first month of school! Ensure your children are eating healthy, nutritious and balanced meals. Yes it has variety and it does not offer rice everyday!

This plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner timetable.

Back to School meal timetable


Order your back to school meal timetable. One month worth of nutritious and varied meals for the whole family.

Make a payment of N1,000 into GTB# 0241054177 and download a copy of your ebook.

For more enquiries send an email to [email protected]


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