Here we bring you a new recipe that you can try for your family. Eating a healthy and balanced diet right from childhood is one that our children will thank us for. Nigerian parents and parents all over the world can struggle when it comes to offering a healthy meal time table. We bring you everything from Nigerian recipes and snacks to international recipes that would be fun to try at home. Be sure to check out the recipe category for tips on how to feed your family.

cakeflair cakemix

Recipe – How to Bake Vanilla Cake

This vanilla cake recipe is quite a special one; delicious and rich in vanilla flavour. This recipe is courtesy of Cakeflair, and will have the whole family jumping up in excitement to get a slice. Most of us have come across cake recipes that have not worked well for us; this recipe has a secret…

Spicy baked shrimp

Recipe – How To Make Spicy Baked Shrimps

Our recipe of the week is Spicy Baked Shrimp. These shrimps are beyond easy to prepare! These spicy baked shrimps are not only healthy but spicy. They could also pass for appetizers anywhere. To increase your snacks options, add this to your menu list. You can also enjoy this with lemon dip. Read Also [5…


Recipe – How To Make Meatloaf

This meatloaf is one gluten-free breakfast recipe that would have you bouncing out of bed in the morning to get a slice of the action. Every bite is sensational. On days when you want it meaty, this is the breakfast to choose. It is filling and yummy for a good start. Make the recipe here:…

Jollof rice cupcake

Recipe – Jollof Rice Cupcakes with Plantain Toppings

Our recipe of the week is Jollof Rice Cupcake with Plantain toppings. This recipe is delicious and rich with flavor. It is also a great way to make use of Jollof rice leftovers. Have fun and enjoy! View this post on Instagram Hello foodies, as you know, August is the month of Jollof and as…


Recipe- How To Make Sweet Potato Biscuit

Sweet potato is one of those vegetables that fit into so many uses and here we are with a sweet potato biscuit in hand! This will be perfect for breakfast and as a snack. The kids will cheer you up when making this because sweet potato is sweet anytime. You Might Also Like [5 Easy…

quinoa muffin

Recipe – How to Make Quinoa Muffins

Our recipe this week is how to make Quinoa muffins. You can serve as breakfast or snacks. These muffins look like pastries and taste good too. Also perfect for vegetarians. Cook Time is 35 Mins Ingredients  100 grams Cheddar Cheese  2 pc(s) Natnudo Eggs  1 pc(s) red Pepper  1 pc(s) Onions  2 pc(s) Carrot ~1…

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