New Year Goals

How Apps Can Help With Your New Year Goals

Happy New year everyone! The New Year usually comes with new plans, goals and resolutions and everyone wants to know how they can do things better or improve on some habits. This year I want to be more focused, be more productive in all the many things I have to balance as a mum, business…

Osayi Alile

LagosMums Mum of the Month – Osayi Alile

LagosMums loves to meet with different mothers to talk about their parenting journey and how they balance their various roles. In our first Mum of the Month feature of 2018, LagosMums interviewed Osayi Alile as she shared her unique perspectives on motherhood and her passion to develop the potential of the future generations. She is…

Mr Tunji Oluwole VerifyMe Nigeria

LagosMums Interviews Mr Olutunji Oluwole Chief Responsibility Officer And Founder Of VerifyMe Nigeria

LagosMums Interviews Olutunji Oluwole Chief Responsibility Officer And Founder Of VerifyMe Nigeria. 1. Introduce yourself My name is Olutunji Oluwole, Chief Responsibility Officer & Founder of VerifyMe Nigeria 2. What is VerifyMe Nigeria? VerifyMe Nigeria is an employment history reporting and verification company. We are an IT company that has created a unique solution to…

social media

Simon Sinek Shares On Millennials Digital Addiction and The Role Parents Play

Simon Sinek shares his thoughts on millennials digital addiction and the role that parents play. Press Play to watch the whole video. Here are some of the topics he discussed in this interview with London Real. On Digital Addiction Many teens and millennials are victims of digital addiction. They are more comfortable with their social…

Sweet potato pottage maggi naija pot

Recipe – How To Make Sweet Potato Pottage

This week, our recipe is how to make sweet potato pottage. Sweet potato is a root vegetable that has a lot of health and nutritional benefits. In fact, school children invariably get a good amount of their daily Vitamin A when they eat Sweet potato. This is one of my favorite meals because it is…

Nigerian Parenting Sstyle

What is the Nigerian Parenting Style?

Have you ever wondered what is the Nigerian parenting style? The more common parenting styles we have heard about are the Asian parenting style (Tiger Mom) or the French parenting style (Bringing up Bebe) Is there an African or the Nigerian Parenting Style? What does the Nigerian parent want from their child and how does…

Recipe – Sweet Potato PottageSweet potato pottage maggi naija pot
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