LagosMums is a community for mums, parents and caregivers. We provide resources, coaching and the latest updates to support you on your intentional parenting journey.

LagosMums is a community for mums, parents and caregivers. We provide resources, coaching and the latest updates to support you on your intentional parenting journey.

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Give Your Child The Edge In Today’s Tech-driven World

Years ago, if you asked kids about their future dreams, you’d often hear answers like doctor, engineer, lawyer, or pilot. These aspirations still intrigue children
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7 Key Things Parents Need to Know About the UK’s Online Safety Bill

As parents, we all want to protect our children from the dangers of the online world. But with so much information out there, it can

LagosMums 10th Annual Parenting Conference

LagosMums 10th Annual Parenting Conference – Digital Parenthood- Parenting in the E-village Get ready for the upcoming LagosMums 10th Annual Parenting Conference, a celebration of
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US Surgeon General’s Social Media Guidelines for Parents and Teenagers

The US Surgeon General’s recent guidelines on social media and youth mental health have highlighted the need for parents and teenagers to be aware of
social media
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Child Addicted to Their Smartphone? Top Tips for Parents to Help

Could your child be addicted to their smartphone? In today’s digital age, smartphones have become a part of our daily lives. Children, especially, have become
instagram bad for teenagers mental health
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How Instagram is Bad for Teenagers Mental Health

As a parent of teenagers, you have most likely wondered if Instagram or other social media platforms could be bad for your teenager’s mental health.
Picking An Appropriate School Option For Your Child - Boarding Or Day School

Boarding or Day School? Which Should You Pick?

Many parents could be confused when it comes to choosing either a Boarding school or a Day school for their children. The reality is that

Cognita Group Of Schools

When was the Cognita group of schools founded?  Cognita was launched in 2004 by His Majesty the King’s former Chief Inspector of Schools. What is

5 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Boarding School

The choice of a boarding school is an important family decision. While there are many considerations, when it comes to your child’s health, happiness, safety
Boiled Plantain wilth peppered snail sauce

Recipe How To Make Boiled Plantain and Peppered Snail Sauce

Our recipe this week is boiled plantain and peppered snail sauce; a wonderful recipe to enjoy with the family this weekend. Are you watching your
Peak 456
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Peak 456 And Its Benefits For Your Child

Peak 456 contains so many benefits for your child. Many people assume that when a child is fully weaned and stops breastfeeding in the early

5 Easy Foods That Helps Prevent Depression in Children

While there is no one specific type of food that has been proven to fight depression in children, there are some that can help. Below
Are Your Children Signed Up for Extra Curricular Activities?

How To Keep Your Child Busy This Easter Holiday Break

You are definitely thinking about how to entertain your bundles of joy and energy. Read more
back to school money tips

How To Baby Proof Your Home

Ensure your home is safe and free from hazards for your baby.
How to choose a creche

How To Choose A Creche for your Baby

Read these few things to consider before choosing a crèche for your baby.
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The Sandwich Generation

The “sandwich generation” finds itself sandwiched between two generations of family members; parents on the one hand, and children on the other. Both of which
money matters and marriage
Personal Finance

M is for Marriage and Money Matters

In marriage, money matters. As two individuals merge all their worldly goods, there are many things to consider. After the excitement of the wedding ceremonies,
Passive income and financial independence
Personal Finance

Passive Income: A Pathway to Financial Independence

Recently there has been talks of “financial independence”. What does this mean to you? Most people live in the cycle of active income, which ties
mrs Olabosipo Sawyerr- Bassey
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LagosMums Mum of the Month- Olabosipo Sawyerr- Bassey

Our Lagosmums Mum of the Month for August is Olabosipo Sawyerr- Bassey, she is an economist, a strategist and a psychologist, she is a wife
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LagosMums Mum of the Month – Chiamaka Ekpo

Our Lagosmums Mum of the Month for September is Chiamaka Ekpo, a Digital Content Creator and a YouTuber. She is also a Career woman, a

Menopause and Self-Care

Menopause and Self-Care Prioritizing Well-being During the Change   Are you worrying about entering a new phase of life? Well, menopause is not something to

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