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LagosMums is a parenting hub and community for mums, parents and caregivers.


Motherhood means that you are many things at the same time. You are mother, wife, daughter, sister, in-law, employee and employer, MD/CEO, among other things. It is a constant balancing act and to top it all you are a mum in Lagos.

I see Mothers every day, at school; bag in hand, lunch box in the other, I see you in traffic. I see you in the banks; in power suits and 5-inch heels. I see you at the fish market, at the grocery store, I see you running on the Ikoyi bridge. LagosMums are supreme multi-taskers.

Many LagosMums are in other parts of the world but at heart; their feet are grounded in Lagos.

Motherhood brings its challenges.

You no longer live just for yourself. You still do not understand why now, it is so hard to escape with the ladies for the Weekend, struggling to squeeze in lunch with your girls in between school runs and family obligations. You find yourself thanking God for the kids’ birthday parties where you get to relive your childhood and at least have some sort of a social life thanks to this busy city.

As a new mum

I was coping with motherhood with a million questions and not always getting the answers I needed. I thought about a community where mums can meet. Ask questions, give advice about parenting or get a list of schools. A place where we can dialogue, where bonds can be made, where to find that shopping deal or LBD (little black dress), discuss nanny issues, discover family-friendly events around the city or talk about finances and career.

A mother today is an internet warrior, social media specialist, iPad/laptop carrying mum wearing many hats. This birthed an online community as the destination for information and answers on the go.

Welcome to LagosMums

It is a tribe and a movement for parents. Join me on this trip. Bring a friend. Sign up. Ask a question. Answer a Question. Attend an event. It is a chain. One woman helping another to face life. Help us spread the news. “LagosMums Rock”. Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @lagosmums.

Gradually, we hope that this would not only be a platform where we share our thoughts about being Mums but a place where we can help each other to be better people. A place where we can survive in the city of Lagos as mums a bit more easily.

Connect with us

Parenting is better together. The African proverb says “it takes a village to raise a child”…I say it takes an e-village!

Yetty Williams, Founder LagosMums | @lagosmums

Get in touch [email protected] 

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