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LagosMums is a parenting and family community! We offer several options for Companies to advertise and partner with us. We work with all clients whether small business, mumpreneurs or multi-nationals. We have a solution for every budget.

We have a large following of mums and are able to customize your needs to achieve your business goals.

Interested in advertising with us? Run a campaign? Product reviews? or any other idea? Do send an email to [email protected]

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Banner Ads

Placing banner ads on LagosMums guarantees your reach and captivates your target audience of mothers in one click!


Create carefully crafted content to reach LagosMums in an engaging way. They could be in form of campaigns, sponsored video and posts, email and Newsletter marketing.

Social Media Marketing

At LagosMums we know what captures our mum’s attentions and the best way to position your brand to engage mothers through social media platforms.

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Reach out to mothers through newsletters that are delivered directly to their inbox. Mums rely on our newsletters for up-to-date parenting information.

Sponsored Content

We create content and engaging videos which is an ideal way for brands to reach out to mums and their families.


We work with brands to create the right campaigns that reach the right audience and increases awareness and engagement with products and services.


We reach mums through various hosted events and connect them with experts and relevant brands. Sponsor or partner with us on our monthly and yearly events.


We run various giveaways across our various platforms, website and social media. Giveaways are a great way to try a new product or to create a positive association with your product. Sponsor a giveaway today!

Product Review and Focus Groups

Do you have a new product? Get to understand how your target audience feels about it whether through product reviews or focus groups.

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