Rochester Independent College

Rochester Independent College British Boarding School

Rochester Independent College is a UK school with a fresh approach to traditional private
education. There’s no uniform and students are on first name terms with teaching staff. It offers flexible pathways for those who need to move schools at different points, including retaking GCSEs or A levels, switching for the final year of sixth form, or changing from IB to A levels.

“We emphasise not just getting students to pass their A Levels with excellent grades but on placing them into the best course at the best university possible for their aspirations” says Rochester Independent College’s Principal Alistair Brownlow. “We enable our students, many of whom come to us from the best traditional boarding schools or international schools, to build on what they have learnt previously and focus on exam technique in a relaxed environment, encouraging them to believe in themselves more and grow in confidence.”

Rochester Independent College

After a disappointing set of exam results, a change of scene and a fresh approach can often be transformative. The UK Good Schools Guide, reviewing Rochester Independent College says: “Many students transfer here after poor progress at A level and the effect can be dramatic. Parents all speak highly of the pastoral care and the growth in confidence witnessed. It’s a sound investment – among the retakers all got into university and three-quarters won Russell Group places.”


If A Levels haven’t gone completely to plan, there are options at hand. Rochester Independent College in the UK have an outstanding track record in helping students mature, get back on track and ultimately achieve their best possible performance at A level, opening the door to a fantastic choice of universities.

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