13 Holiday Destinations

13 Holiday Destinations Most Middle Class Nigerians Can Afford

Mum, do you know that traveling abroad for a dream holiday can be what an average Nigerian can afford?  Do you know that you don’t have to be wealthy to travel abroad? If you are planning a holiday abroad, you may have a few destinations in mind but you think they are not affordable. What if you could travel to your dream holiday at a fraction of your budget?

Here is a list of 13 holiday destinations most middle-class Nigerians can afford and visit to experience life to its fullness. You also can enjoy and indulge in exciting activities such as staying in luxury hotels, dining in finest restaurants,  visiting the most popular and fascinating attractions in the world.

1. Doha


When you think that you have gotten it all in a destination, the amphibious octopus resort in Doha and its floating hotel will turn your attention to the city. Doha, the largest city and capital of Qatar, is a tourist haven with beautiful things to see and exciting activities to do. You will think you are in a ‘future New York’ with the rapid development happening in the city. The new Goliath-like buildings would marvel you, but the most amazing thing is – you can actually afford a holiday in Doha.

Return Flights from Lagos to Doha: As low as N137,000

2. The Gambia

The Gambia

Did we say The Gambia? Yeah! Relax; you must have missed it because this is one of the exotic holiday destinations that offers visitors what Paris may not.  The beaches will leave you breathless; it is more than the sunbathing and surfing.  The eco-lodges are mesmerizing and you have the wildlife to see here. It is impossible to resist the lush landscapes and tourists’ activities.

Return Flights from Lagos to Banjul: As low as N124, 000


3. Istanbul


You cannot stop loving the magic that Istanbul brings with its minarets. The locals are friendly and have good humour, history unfolds as you walk down the street, and did we tell you that the sound of the muezzins duelling from the minarets is awesome? Istanbul has ever budget to accommodate and its culinary heritage with meals such as succulent kebabs, flavoursome mazes and freshly caught fish is second to none.

Return Flights from Lagos to Istanbul


4. Zanzibar


It is said that Zanzibar got the best coral beaches in Africa. Little wonder, foreigners love this destination. There is the Stone Town and its archipelago’s main island for you to move around. Did we tell you that this is a home to the red colobus monkey and tiny aders’ duiker? There are dolphins to play with and grand House of Wonders to see.


5. Accra


Over the years, Accra has boomed in its tourist activities, leaving the visitors with an excellent night life,  good shopping experience and some of the finest selection of eating options. This is one of the cheapest destinations for an average Nigeria and it offers visitors a memorable travel experience.

Return Flights from Lagos to Accra


6. Dubai


Dubai has become the second Paris for Nigerians. You mustn’t be rich to explore the alchemy of profound traditions of the city and its grand futuristic revelation. You could go shopping in some of the most beautiful shopping malls in the world, dance and take a stroll on the scenic beaches, explore the city and discover with its myriads of stunning attractions. Dubai is always a good vacation idea and you can afford it!

Return Flights from Lagos to Dubai


7. Abu Dhabi

The Corniche

Abu Dhabi may not be as popular as Dubai but it is the capital of UAE and it is as cosmopolitan as Dubai, but it has everything that you want a holiday destination to give you. Less traffic jams and fewer crowds to make your stay smooth and less strenuous.

Return Flights from Lagos to Abu Dhabi


8. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi Skyline

The cosmopolitan charm of Nairobi is really what brings people here. When you think of Kenya, wildlife and national parks come to your mind; Nairobi will not disappoint you with its parks, National Museum, elephant orphanage and lots more. The kids love to visit Nairobi and lovers will forever adore this city.

Return Flights from Lagos to Nairobi


9. Kigali, Rwanda


Nothing calms the mind like the lush hillsides, the winding boulevards, flowering trees and the cleanest and safety of Kigali. This is one of Africa’s most beautiful capital cities. It is affordable and lovely to spend your holiday here.

Return Flights from Lagos to Kigali


10. Dakar, Senegal


It is in Dakar that you will first experience the horse-cart drivers if you have never taken this luxury ride.  The simplicity of the city is cool and for Nigerians, you may never know who you will run into here; this is because Dakar has become a favourite holiday destination for most Nigerians.

Return Flights from Lagos to Dakar


11. Cotonou


Everything bustling from its day activities to nightlife is what Cotonou throws out to holiday seekers. There are a lot of places to shop cheap, great restaurants to eat and beaches to get lost when you arrive. It is one of the destinations where you’ll see so many Nigerians especially on weekends.

Return Flights from Lagos to Cotonou


12. Goa, India


Do not think of a city when coming to Goa, what you are going to see is a collection of islands. Goa, located on the Western coast of India, is the most popular destination in India. It is renowned for its pristine sandy beaches, Portuguese culture, lush plantations, vibrant lifestyle and magnificent church buildings. There are so many beautiful beaches that you cannot but want to indulge in diving, sunbathing and lazing around. You will enjoy the hippie and electronic music that are popular among the locals.


13. Marrakech, Morrocco


If you have never heard of Marrakech, then this is the best time to visit this city that is graced with magnificent traditional houses and a romantic cultural environment. Marrakech is a prehistoric city with many historical attractions such as Saadian Tombs, Palaces and Museums.  The city is always vibrant and eventful, full of colours and resonances. This is a perfect spot for honeymoon and special vacations.

Return Flights from Lagos to Marrakech

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