3 Reasons You Should Take your Kids to Filmhouse

Here we have some important reasons why you should take the kids to Filmhouse this summer.

Filmhouse kidsblock

Introducing them to new concepts to think about

It is no surprise that a lot of engineers, writers, and even computer programmers reference movies as a source of inspiration when they were growing up. For the adult that considers their fate sealed at the accountant job, Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit is just another CGI trick. But to the child with a growing mind open to possibilities, his repulsor ray weapon, and the ARC Reactor is science fiction to be unraveled in a physics class. It is an invitation to become the next Elon Musk inventing lithium car batteries and working on motorless-motors for space travel.

From science concepts to literary ideas like what constitutes a comedy or tragedy. Children can learn a lot by watching movies that expose them to long narrative storytelling. These narratives become useful in everyday understanding of the world around them. The concepts they learn go on to fuel their imagination, enriching their general experience and helping them communicate better. Contrary to popular belief that films only exist to distract and entertain children, they actually form a foundation for imagination that is priceless compared to any ticket price.

Help them expand their vocabulary

Have you ever heard the word “Telekinesis”? How about “Technophile”? Last one – “Telepathy”? We are only on the letter “T” and believe it or not, less than five out of ten adults will be familiar with their words, their meaning and how to spell them. However, a lot of children exposed to the world of Disney and Marvel can tell you all about these words.  As children develop their capacity for language, leading linguists including the reverend Noam Chomsky has pointed out that the words they are exposed to help build their foundation for future dexterity with speech. They have also noted that the ability for a person to optimize the use of language helps them understand their internal environment better as well as to communicate more fluently. Outside of just the words they learn, they also pick up patterns and manners of speech which they can mimic to build confidence. Simply put, everything about learning “language” from “film” is a win-win. These scripts are after all written by some of the best writers around the world.

Filmhouse Kidsblock. Lagosmums

Socializing with other children

There is a reason the Filmhouse Kidz Block program encourages parents and guardians to bring children in larger numbers. This is because we understand that children love talking about their experiences while it is still fresh in their minds. Adults have to think about bills and other aspects of reality. They might not always want to discuss magic systems, space travel, and Pokemon, but kids have all day for this. Learning to dissect narratives and share opinions in a civil manner starts from discussing films, among other art forms. Let’s face it, children would rather talk about adventure than social studies and mathematics. Think of film as an extracurricular activity that brings children together to share and discuss experiences. These experiences deepen the bonds of friendship while also teaching them so many values, it is definitely worth it.

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