Bonnie Gould

A 93 Year Old Graduates

Who says you cannot achieve your dreams? Read the story of a 93-year-old who graduates.

Bonnie GouldBonnie ‘Çhuck’ Gould a 93-year-old got his master’s degree in education in 1954 from Stanford University but was able to graduate formally 60 years later this year. He attended the commencement ceremony with his wife, 10 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. He got a standing ovation from other graduates.

He did not take part in the 1954 ceremony partly because he was busy teaching in elementary school and raising his children. He felt it wasn’t just priority back then that other things should come first. Gould pursued his career to become an education superintendent. Gould who is also a decorated World War II Veteran expressed his joy that at his age he is glad to be where he is today. He feels honoured and fulfilled.

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