Nigerian Child

Are You Raising A Nigerian Child?

Raising children is a universal matter, however there are some characteristics particular to the Nigerian child which most parents cannot avoid or control. You might not have noticed; but we did and had a good laugh compiling these. How and where children pick these “habits” from is another discussion, until then, find out if you are raising a Nigerian child.

Nigerian Child

You know you are raising a uniquely “Nigerian” child when he or she does or says these—

Rejoice there is light:

The Nigerian child seems to understand the power situation in the country and would rejoice at the sight of light. Some even pick up the popular chant “Up Nepa!!”

Can you put on the generator?:

This is quite common, they want you to put on the generator so they can watch TV, in the absence of the generator, they will ask for the inverter so they can at least use the fan.

Calls everyone Uncle & Aunty:

They call everyone who is older uncle and aunty, their parents friends, their nanny, the class teacher in Sunday school…any adult they cannot call by name is an automatic uncle or aunty.

Many Grandma’s and Grandpa’s:

Has more Grandma’s and Pa’s than is humanly possible – every senior adult that cannot be called aunty and uncle is bumped up to Grandma and Grandpa status.

Birthday Parties:

To the Nigerian child, a birthday party is not complete without a bouncy castle, dancing competition, musical chairs, chapman and small chops.


This is a favourite one. The Nigerian child responds with “erhn” especially when they don’t seem to understand you. Actually this behaviour I’m sure they must have picked from their parents as we are all fond of making that noise rather than saying sorry? say that again or some other variation.

‘Naow’ Emphasis:

the typical Nigerian child always adds “Na-ow” to their requests to give it emphasis, it is also their way of hiding frustration and their way of cajoling you to do something a.k.a “Mummy naow”

Funny Food Terms:

Only Nigerian children know the meaning of “swallows” and that it goes with different kinds of soup. Also high on the list is suya, puff puff and small-chops.

On-the-Go Shopping: 

A Nigerian child expects that you can do your shopping in traffic, they are hungry? there is gala, yogurt and chin chin. ????

Nigerian Child

Do you agree with these characteristics in Nigerian Children? They are what simply makes us fun and originally Nigerian! What other traits have you noticed? ????

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