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Felsted School UK is hosting an Online Programme in collaboration with Lagosmums. Felsted School is a leading British boarding school, offering boys and girls aged four to eighteen a first-class all-round education.

The online camp will run for 5 days from the 17th of December to the 22nd of December. The classes will be taught by members of the experienced Felsted International Summer School Team and industry experts.

felsted online summer school

The Felsted Online School Programme

  1. Open to children from around the world aged 14-17 years old
  2. The programme has been carefully thought through and will allow students to take part in either the English Language or Global Studies course.
  3. This will run for five days from 17th December to 22nd December. The teachings will include 3 hours of live content provided in a semi-flexible format each day. This comes in addition to pre-recorded lectures and live interactive sessions. Both the English Language and Global Studies will be treated over live sessions as well as pre-recorded videos.
  4. Certificates will be awarded on successful completion of the programme.

The Global Studies course

This will cover various topics; which include Narcotics and Pharmaceuticals as Global Industries, Slavery in the Year 2020, Systemic Racism: Why what we do next matters most; Art, Social Media and The Revolution and Artificial Intelligence: Closing the biological gap between Humans and Machines.

Students will be able to access pre-recorded videos, delivered by Felsted’s Director of Global Education. They will also be able to access lesson presentations, reading materials and video content before taking online quizzes. Students will also speak with other students around the world; to try to understand different viewpoints about how some global issues may be perceived.

This course is fantastic preparation for studying overseas, Politics, IB Diploma; or those with an interest in global studies and international relations.

The English Course

The English course will incorporate; speaking, writing and reading, vocabulary, grammar, colloquialism & phrases. In addition, the course will cover topical themes relating to the environment, climate change. The Lessons will include live sessions for students to interact with each other; also, toractise their speaking skills and provide a social experience with students from around the world.

The course will encompass online teaching, self-study resources, homework tasks and live online lessons led by the Academic Manager; with students enrolled on the programme working together as classmates.

A Certificate of Success on completion, of the course, will be awarded.

How to Apply

To sign up your child or ward for this online school visit here.  There is a Fee of £100 for administrative costs. For full details and a downloadable brochure, please see Felsted December 2020 Online Brochure

Deadline to register is on or before December 1st 2020. To sign up your child or ward for this online school visit here.
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