Get Started with passive income

Get Started with Passive Income

Mums, it’s time to walk the talk. There’s so much we have learnt from our seasoned Nimi Akinkugbe about the overwhelming benefits of earning passive income. Let’s now give you some definite steps you can take and be well on your way to earning passive income.

Start a Savings Plan

Building wealth requires a good savings culture irrespective of your present financial status. One of the best ways to take charge of your finances in today’s uncertain economy is to accumulate a healthy savings account. This saves you from the disaster that looms because you lack money to fall back on when “stuff happens.” Savings can also provide the “seed money” for higher-yielding investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Instead of just having a ‘storehouse’ for your money you can actually increase the value of your money if you use high interest yielding savings plans. Here’s our list of great options you can use.

Skye Save by Skye Bank



  • Open today with just N2,000
  • Earn interest monthly at competitive rates
  • Bank whenever you want, where ever you want-Access to Internet and Mobile Banking services.
  • Save regularly by setting up a standing order
  • Non-clearing cheque book (available on request)
  • Availability of debit card

Open a Skye Save Account here

Diamond Savings Account



  • Competitive interest rates. (Interest is forfeited if more than 3 withdrawals are made in a month)
  • International Debit card
  • Free internet, mobile and telephone banking
  • Free ATM use at any ATM nationwide
  • To open your account you need only N1, 000
  • There is no minimum amount of money you have to keep in your account

Open a Diamond Savings Account here


Eazy Save Classic Account by Zenith Bank

eaZySave Classic Account is designed to facilitate financial inclusion permitting individuals with minimal forms of identification enjoy a value adding banking relationship with us.



  •  Maximum single deposit N20,000.00
  • Zero account opening balance
  • Maximum cumulative balance N200, 000.00
  • Earn interest at 3.6%
  • A MasterCard or Visa debit card for cash withdrawals and payments for good and services anywhere in the world
  • In addition, Verve debit card is available on request
  • Get notified for every account activity via of email and/or SMS Alertz

Open the Eazy Save Classic Account here


Start a thriving Blog

Blogging gives you and your business or service a profound presence on the web and on social media. Because of the dynamic nature of blogging and its consistent requirement for new content, your SEO is favoured. You show up more easily when people search for something related to your product or service. You are ensured of increased traffic which translates to increased conversions and increased returns for you! Your reach and online presence is also of incredible value as other businesses and reputable organizations will seek to advertise on your site.


The good news is that Blogging for business is not rocket science; you can do it too. Knowledge is power, as they say. So here’s how you can get on your way to owning your own thriving and profitable blog.

Take a Course at ALISON

This free blog course is ideal for learners who want to create their own blogs online but lack the skills, knowledge, or confidence to do it. Register for this course here.


Read a Book on Blogging

You sure don’t just want to have another blog out there that is struggling to make a difference or be noticed. It takes some know-how to run a blog that stands out among the myriads of blogs we have around. Yes you can be one of the best and begin to yield great results from your new blog if you will give it the time and due diligence. You can achieve this by reading a good book on Blogging, and here’s one we recommend. It’s available on


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