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Child Nutrition Part 4 – Healthy Food for Optimal Nutrition

I am sure that after learning all of the previous information regarding nutrition and how important it is for your child, you are wondering how you can go about making sure that you are providing your child with these nutrients. As mentioned before, there are many people who are completely unaware of what foods contain what nutrients. If you are one of these people do not be embarrassed because it is actually quite common. It has become a habit for our society to worry more about what tastes and smells good when it comes to food and not the nutrients that the food contains.

It is important that you have your child on a diet that consists of proper nutrition. If you are unsure of what foods contain what nutrients and what the best types of food to feed to your child are, you are in luck because this next chapter is just for you. The following chapter will go over optimal nutrition and will provide you with some examples of types of food that you can feed your children to ensure they are getting proper nutrition.

Healthy Food for Optimal Nutrition

There are a lot of different types of food that are available that are packed full of nutrients and are very healthy to eat. The problem is that you are going to have to find a way to eat these more healthy foods over their favorite snacks that are on the unhealthy side. Sometimes it may feel like this process will be impossible but trust me it is possible and it really is not that hard, if you go about it in the right fashion.

There is a lot of healthy food that is actually quite appealing when it comes to the way it looks and smells. A lot of the process of trying to get your child to eat healthier food will be trying to find healthy food that he or she likes.

Healthy food for optimal nutrition
The following are some examples of different types of healthy food for Optimal Nutrition

Eggs are very healthy and make a great breakfast. They are packed with protein which is very important to have in your child’s diet. They also contain many other nutrients, one of them for example would be vitamin D.

If you remember, we discussed earlier that vitamin D is important for your eyesight as well as your immune system. One of the best things about eggs is that most people like them, especially children. This will make it much easier to get your child to eat something healthy. Try making cool designs or funny faces with the eggs as this will also help to get your child to eat them.


Oatmeal is another healthy food that you should not have a hard time getting your child to eat. It contains high amounts of fiber-rich whole grains. Oatmeal is digested slowly which will also give your child a steady stream of energy to get them through their day. This will allow your child to find it much easier to concentrate and participate while at school.


Having your child eat fruit is always a good idea. No matter what type of fruit it is, it is guaranteed to be full of vitamins and minerals. As well, your child will consume fiber while eating fruit and this is very important for their digestive system. Try to have your children eat a variety of different fruits as this will have more of a nutritional effect.


Nuts are very nutritional and can be very good for your child to consume. You can get protein from nuts as well as other essential vitamins. Also, nuts offer a healthy source of fat and this is extremely important in a child’s diet because they will need it to allow proper growth. As well, the fat provided from the nuts will give your child the energy they need to remain productive throughout the day.


Milk is always important to incorporate into a diet, this is especially true when it comes to child. It is full of protein and calcium and these are bother very important factors of your child’s health and growth. Milk is not too difficult for your child to consume. There are many different ways that your child can consume milk besides just drinking it. Be creative with it and your child should have no problem consuming milk.


Tomatoes contain something called lycopene; which is believed to fight off certain types of cancer. Unfortunately cancer rate around the world continues to climb higher. The good thing is the fact that there are certain types of food that you can feed to your child to help prevent certain illnesses. Tomatoes are an example of this type of food.

Cooking the tomatoes is even better because the heat will cause the tomatoes to release even more lycopene which will make them even healthier for your child to eat.

Teach Your Children to Eat Healthy

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