How To Keep The Children Busy This Summer Holiday

We all know the summer holiday are the longest holiday in the academic calendar and as such children spend more time at home. The summer holiday is often greeted with mixed feelings. Top of mind is the task of getting them involved in productive activities that would keep children engaged. Parents look forward to having a little break from the demanding school runs.

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On the other hand, parents are faced with children who get bored by day three of the holidays! Mums, dads you can relate to this. With the children on their summer holiday, you are faced with another task – how to keep them busy and away from trouble. Some mums become tensed because they don’t know how to engage their children in one activity or the other. The question is how to find a way for the children to relax but also learn some important skills on their break. Whatever ou decide should keep them busy but also have a positive influence on them.

So rather than your children spending their entire holiday glued to the TV or playing video games, keep them busy and active during their summer break. Here are some ways to keep your children busy during the summer break.

Know your children’s interest and invest in their interests

By getting to know your child’s interest this will aid you to know what excites your child. This will also help you channel your planning into what activities to enrol your child for the summer break. It will help you draw your child to what he/she loves and this might just help shape your child’s career path.

A child’s interest is a medium of expression. You will notice that aside from school work, your child will pick up things of his/her interest faster. Take for instance you have a child that likes playing an instrument, guitar, for instance, such a child will be willing to go the extra mile to practice consistently. So why not give your children the opportunity during the summer holiday to build that passion. There are a number of other things children have an interest in – football, dance, cooking, music, coding etc. So dear mums seize this summer break to allow your children develop their interest. This would be a great way to get them busy.

Chores and Home Responsibilities

A lot of times our children miss out on chores during the school period. During the summer break allow your children do chores around the house, you are grooming them. It’s high time we restructure what chores mean. Chores are not a form of punishment, it is a responsibility.

Getting children to school early in the morning and home late in the afternoon sometimes contributes to children missing out on chores. Assign chores to your children, it gives them a sense of responsibility. By doing so you teach them how to take care of things when they are older and on their own. Assign chores to your children based on their age and capability. For the little children assign to them simple chores like putting their laundry in the laundry basket when they are dirty, and putting their dishes in the appropriate place when they are done eating, and do not forget to praise them for doing a great job. So dear mums let us make use of the summer holiday as a medium to train our children as we know that when school is in session the children have little or no time for chores.

Assign chores to your children based on their age and capability. For the little children assign to them simple chores like putting their laundry in the laundry basket, and putting their dishes in the appropriate place when they are done eating. encourage them so do not forget to praise them for doing a great job. Some homes have domestic staff that help but do your child a favour and give your children the opportunity to learn how to do chores and build a sense of responsibility. [Read: Age appropriate chores for children]

Expand their horizon through books

Get your children books that will enhance their vocabulary and expand their world. Allow your children to be gain a vast understanding of the world and different topics through books. The goal is to get them away from their school books and more inclined with other aspects of life. During the summer get your children to read, online and physical books.

Summer Internships

Job experience is valuable for children and rather than wait till your child is a graduate to get their first job a summer job or internship is a great way to start them on this journey. If the children are younger, a location close to the house could be good to spend a few hours per week. Extra lessons to be ahead of the next class is not the best option. The holiday is a child’s break away from school. For the summer break please allow your child the luxury of relaxing and refreshing with other productive activities.

Summer Should Be Fun

With all this said, the chances that your children will want to spend a fair amount of time staring at a screen during the summer break is rather high. I am sure you don’t want your child to be glued to the front of the TV or playing games all through the holiday. So get them busy and engage them early, but as mentioned about be sure to do things that are also part of your child’s interests.

Holiday should also have a fun element, so share amazing moments with your children by getting involved in activities like the beach, the park, the cinemas, the zoo etc. Do something together that encourages bonding time; which sometimes is difficult to find during the school period.

If you need ideas for summer camps, do visit the Summer Camp Guide 2017 here.

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