School Feature: The Learning Place

School Feature: The Learning Place

Read below the interview with Mrs Bolanle Adewole, the Executive Director of The Learning Place located in Lekki. She talks about the school ethos, curriculum and more. We featured TLP Centre previously the sister school for special needs.

Please introduce yourself and your background?

Mrs Bolanle Adewole of The Learning PlaceMrs. Bolanle Adewole is the Executive Director of The Learning Place. She certified in the theory and practice of the Montessori philosophy for children aged 2.6 years to 6 years at St Nicholas Montessori Centre, London, UK in 1995. She also holds an equivalent certification from the North American Montessori Centre, Canada for children aged 6-12 years. She oversees the curriculum design as well as the programme implementation at TLP.

What is the name of your School and when was it founded?

The Learning Place was founded in September 2004.

Tell us about your school’s history?

On Monday September 8th 2004, The Learning Place (TLP) opened her doors to full-time Montessori operations. Twelve (12) students including two with special needs resumed on that bright first day of school. We opened up with two classrooms and gradually opened up others as we grew. Our first year recorded rapid growth and visible student development. We actively engaged in hands-on activities; our students were happy, learning and always looked forward to coming to school. By the end of the second year, we had filled up to capacity and developed a wait-list for student admissions. Our students flourished!

Our purpose-built building was commissioned in September 2008 and saw us expanding as we opened up the Elementary School in that same year. We opened our affiliate organisation, The Learning Place Centre (TLPCentre) – the first ever special needs day school on Lagos Island and its environs in 2010. The Learning Place is registered as a member school of the Association of International School Educators of Nigeria (AISEN); American Montessori Society (AMS) and became registered as an international school with the UK Department for Education and Skills (DfES) in 2012.  We have proudly produced TLP ambassadors who seamlessly transitioned into various secondary schools of choice since 2013.

Approximately 950 students have passed through our doors either for full time schooling, our aftercare programme or holiday care (summer camp). We are delighted to note that most of our Alumni have, and still encourage us with positive feedback.

We remain focused and committed to our vision and in doing so, are intent on improving the caliber of facilities available to our children. More than ten years on, we have remained accomplished and foremost in our delivery of first hand foundational education to children.

The Learning Place

Please give details of your staff/administration?

Each Toddler’s House (Children aged 1-3years) and Children’s House class (3-6years) is staffed by a Montessori Directress, Directress Assistant and Classroom Support Assistants. The teams in our Elementary classes (6-12years) comprise of a Montessori Directress and Directress Assistant. The academic staff thrive under the leadership of our Head of School.

The Administrative Team manage operational aspects of the school. They also provide relationship management services and co-ordinate the admissions process.

What is the curriculum/teaching methodology?

THE Learning Place (TLP) is a generative Montessori school for children aged 1 – 12 years old. TLP is grouped into four main segments namely Toddlers’ House: 0-3 years; Children’s House 3-6 years , Lower elementary 6-9 years and Upper Elementary 9-12years. Each segment has its own unique curriculum based on the Montessori philosophy.

The Learning Place

What is the Ratio of Teacher to Students?

Toddler’s House – 5:1

Children’s House – 8:1

Elementary – 15:1

What age range are your students? 

1-12years old

What is the admission process? 

Our admissions process is made up of a number of steps:

i. Enquiry/ School Tour with the Admissions Manager

ii. Pre-admission Assessment

iii. Parent Interview with School Director

iv. Application Form Purchase

v. Wait List Placement/Enrollment

How do you assess students’ progress?

Continuous Assessment/Quarterly Assessments

What are your Discipline methods?

We believe strongly that discipline comes from within. The record shows that there is minimal non-compliance in normalised environments. We strive to normalise our environment in order to prevent unacceptable behaviour and non-compliance. However, when unacceptable behaviour does occur, the following are modes of discipline adopted – correction, re-direction, reprimand, exclusion/time-out; withholding pleasurable things/activities; writing lines; writing about appropriate behaviour; doing chores etc

What are the School Hours and any after School Services offered?

Standard Hours are:

8am – 1pm (Toddler’s House & Children’s House)

8am-2:30pm (Elementary).

We also offer early drop-off options from 7am.

In addition, we run an After school Programme which provides services like homework support and various extra-curricular activities. Sessions run from 1:30-5pm (Toddler’s House & Children’s House); 3:00- 5pm (Elementary).

TLP Logo

How can parents contact you for more information? Or to schedule a visit to the school?

Parents may send an email requesting an appointment to [email protected]  or by phone on 0127062240803-385-67350811-397-4150.

What should parents be looking for to decide if your school would work for them/their children?

i. Well Rounded & Whole Child Experience: We believe that no child should be left behind and all children should have an equal opportunity to learn.

ii. Individualised Learning: We understand that not all children learn at the same pace; and we are able to tailor our delivery based on where they are on their learning journey. We take into account their level of ability in planning how lessons are delivered.

iii. Conducive Environment: We place a great emphasis on how our environment and curriculum is structured so as to bring out the child’s natural desire to learn.

iv. Attention to detail: We strongly adhere to the principle of attending to every part of the whole.

iv. Independence & Leadership Skills: Our focus is on producing world class leaders with positive values for living.

Contact Information for the school?

We may be contacted using the details above. Parents are also welcome to visit THE LEARNING PLACE at Plot 8 Block 43 Rasheed Alaba Williams Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos


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