LagosMums 10th Annual Parenting Conference

LagosMums 10th Annual Parenting Conference – Digital Parenthood- Parenting in the E-village

Get ready for the upcoming LagosMums 10th Annual Parenting Conference, a celebration of parenthood, learning, and community!

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This year’s conference is gearing up to be truly exceptional, centred around the theme “Digital Parenthood: Parenting in the E-village.” As we step into a new era, we’re excited to explore the avenues of growth and resilience in the digital age.

Expect distinguished keynote speakers, hailing from various fields, who will illuminate the stage with insightful talks on subjects ranging from holistic parenting and education to embracing change and mental wellness in the digital landscape.

LagosMums Parenting Conference

Why do we hold these? LagosMums hosts the largest group of parents once a year to discuss all that is happening in the Parenting world. It takes a village to raise a child and in today’s world, it takes an e-village. – Yetty Williams 

Our conference this year will be held on Saturday, October 7th 2023 online from 10 am (WAT).

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10th Parenting Conference

In an era where screens have become a window to both education and entertainment, the theme “Digital Parenthood: Parenting in the E-village” resonates with the modern parent’s journey. This theme sheds light on the challenges and opportunities of raising children in the digital age. In this digital landscape which is an interconnected always-on village, parenting requires new rules of engagement to be effective.

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Who should attend the parenting conference?

The conference is perfect for parents, caregivers, educators or anyone interested in empowering the youth and the future generations.


The conference will attract thousands of mums, parents, caregivers and their families. This event offers a great opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services. Vendors and sponsors will have the opportunity to increase awareness of their products and services to thousands of families.

There are several opportunities for vendors and sponsors to showcase their products and services to the largest group of parents. We only bring the best to our parents! If you are interested in being a vendor or sponsor kindly email [email protected]


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