Let It happen to your child

Let It Happen To Your Child

Let It happen to your child
There is nothing as beautiful as a child who is in control of his or her words and can articulate his or her thoughts in an elevated language.
Writing is one art that shapes the tender mind of the child into a vista of imagination and decorum. This is the pride of any parent; king or pauper.
The prestigious Quramo Writer’s Prize has provided an opportunity for under sixteens to become published authors and win cash prizes and other incentives. This competition will rub off greatly on that young teen.
The Quramo Writers’ Prize is a one-of- a-kind writing competition and award organized by Quramo Publishing Limited an independent publishing company committed to producing the highest quality content for various audiences.
Participants can submit their work on the Quramo Publishing website by filling out the application form and uploading their submissions at: http://quramo.com/contact/quramo_writers_prize
Alternatively, manuscripts are accepted via post/email to the addresses provided. The under-16 category submissions should indicate their age on the application form.
Avail your child this opportunity to take a shot at something bigger than his/her school, to break new grounds. He or She will remember that you did, and would follow the example of taking shots at big things by themselves.
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