Mum of the Month- Kemi Osinibi

Meet our mum of the month Kemi Osinibi, A mother of five who does so much, but still finds time to help other parents and adults manage a successful work-life balance.

Since the inception of careers and jobs, parents have inherently struggled with maintaining a balanced household. In some households, the only solution to managing this problem is  for one parent to take on the role of a stay-at-home parent, which doesn’t always lead to parents not burning out. Plus not every family can make that decision and so they find themselves in an unending struggle to be able to show up for work, their children, their spouse, their friends, and still find time for themselves. So we met up with our mum of the month, Kemi Osinibi to discuss raising five kids, managing multiple jobs and still finding time to help other mums have a successful work-life balance. 


LagosMums: Tell us a little bit about yourself, feel free to share more about all you do.

Kemi Osinibi: Hello, I’m Kemi Osinibi, known as Kemi O. I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Work-Life Success Coach, Parent Governor at Grange School, Mum of 5 (age range 26 to 11 years), Wife, and Sister to a fantastic set of siblings.

What is one unexpected thing about you?

I hate horror movies.  I can’t even be in the same room.  Why would you want to disturb your mind?

Tell us more about your beautiful family.

I am married to Tolu, and we have 5 children.
T.J. is our first son, 26 years old, then 4 girls Temilola 24, Tolani 18, Tosin 16 and Tara 11. Yes, all start with a T, and I’m a parent of three generations – Millennial, Gen Z and Gen A.  

How did you meet your husband, and how long have you been married?

I have been married to Tolu for 26 years.  He was part of my older brother’s social group, so I have known him since I was 15.  We started dating when I was 23, and he had to ask for permission. 

Do you and your spouse have the same parenting style?

We don’t have the same parenting style but the same values and non-negotiable Family Mottos.  He is more traditional, while I am more flexible.  I have always been very conscious about letting the children develop their personalities without our prejudices.  I started practising from my first child development books.   

Can you tell us one of the funniest things your children have ever done, that has become a core memory?

The girls were 9, 7, and 2 at the time. They decided to record their 2-year-old sister when she started crying in slow motion. When she saw them, she tried to get the phone and cried even more, and they kept filming. She then ran to me, and I swung her around, and she started laughing. All caught in slow-mo. It still makes us laugh today. It was detailed and vivid and showcased how swiftly their emotions can change. 

What do you love most about your work, and this includes the many expressions of your purpose and passion? 

I am fundamentally a creator and problem solver who gets results. I love how my many expressions allow me to express myself and help people. I love children and families. It’s one of the reasons I operate MAXTIVITY—the family entertainment brand—and now it’s extended to work-life success coaching for ambitious working moms. The parenting process is ever-evolving, so we must support the parents to be fulfilled and raise empowered kids for the future. 

I’m passionate that working moms who face the most significant conflicts, stress and guilt must know they don’t have to sacrifice themselves.  There is a way to be in control, confident and joyful.

Can you share what you love most about your work as a Work Life Success & Business coach?

Oh, I love teaching parents how they can unload the ‘juggling’ burdens and easily put ‘the balls’ into their pockets. How? When you master time, you can achieve ANY goal that has defeated you in the past. It fills my heart with joy when they start sceptical, move to disbelief, and then succeed. One more person is released from the work-life imbalance train. 

What have you learned about preparing MOMprenuer to thrive in their business?

I have learned that whatever goal, skill, course, education level, etc., the key factor to being able to thrive & scale is how they manage their work-life balance, especially their attitude towards TIME. Those who understand the value of their time make better choices and can move from operating as a manager to an owner.  

When they create a tailored work-life plan that matches their business cycle, family, personal and other needs, they get MORE time, energy and, ultimately, money. 

Can you tell us how important it is for mums to have support systems? Down to who makes up your tribe and the kind of support they provide?

Critically important.  I cannot count how many times they have been invaluable in an emergency or to have self-care moments. 

I have a community named Dual Impact Tribe. It’s for working moms who want support and tips to gain more time, energy, and money.  It’s to share tips that can be implemented quickly.  When you’re busy, you want solutions that work quickly and get the intended results.  I’m all about doing things smarter, not harder.  

In your opinion, do you think that children and parenting are different from the time when you were growing up and now? 

I love this question, I can discuss it all day. 
First off,  Of course!  The prevalence of the Internet and its impact on our attention is a major difference. Also unlike before, kids can now access information in other homes, cultures, and countries. So, now more than ever, we need a strong foundation for them to build their outlook on the world.  

Decline in natural support systems is also a major shift. I recall having aunties, cousins, and grandparents all nearby, I had a village. Many parents today don’t have natural support systems nearby, so they have to rely on external or paid support, which sometimes causes isolation and fear. So many kids are left without access to people to build their consequences toolkit. 

Current parenting is ruled by a lot of fear due to conflicting advice and a deluge of information. While our parents were focused on the basics like hierarchy, provision and control.  Our generation’s response has been to get a better understanding through research, and the focus is on the child.  I, however, believe that you cannot focus only on the child; the parents also need to change their outlook.    


Is there anything you’re particularly doing to raise your children to be ready for a world that is constantly changing?

Our focus has always been on providing the right environment for them to become who they were created to be.  So, we don’t push unless they display aptitude and interest or ask for help.  We do, however, ensure we give exposure to many experiences. 

We also focus on respect, consistency, adaptability, and resourcefulness. 

My mottos are;  Make new mistakes; don’t follow old mistakes. You will live in society, so you need to have the basics to get what you need as efficiently as possible. Understand the consequences of your actions, learn and improve.  

So to the question every parent wants to know, how do you balance work and parenting? Is it even possible to achieve work-life balance as a parent?  

Another one of my favourite topics. So the first thing I had to do was find a way to manage my travel schedule and business and family responsibilities.  I used to be in a very gut-wrenching situation and when I realised that all the striving would be for nothing if I didn’t take action; I felt I might lose my business and family if I didn’t.  

I began working on myself and my priorities and learning to ensure that I have the skill, energy, and focus to do and be where it matters the most. I needed to be great at planning, time management, delegation, and working on my beliefs.  

Working 4 days a week improved my business and helped me connect better at home. 

 I am also lucky to have a fantastic support system; An amazing husband, in-laws, siblings and extended family who are so supportive.  Despite all that, it wasn’t until I learnt to harness it that I saw the value and potential to enjoy work and life.  

I don’t believe anyone achieves balance externally; it’s internal. I prioritise what’s needed at a particular time, the key being to reduce the level of juggling so I don’t miss anything important. 

What inspired you to become a Business Coach?

I started my certification as a business coach initially to be a better leader and mentor to my management team. As I evolved into a business owner, I realized I wanted the tools to help them see new possibilities, which required me to learn them. 

I love learning generally.  As I took the program, I developed an aptitude to showcase my problem-solving skills, and with my experience, I knew I could help other women in business.  

I am very focused and analytical yet creative. This is a unique combination, so coaching and consulting came naturally.  

What are some of the challenges mothers who are entrepreneurs face when it comes to running a business?

As the E-Myth book describes, going into business believing that our excellent technical skills in our job will transition into building our own successful business. Not so; it becomes the worst job in the world. Lonely, struggling and frustrated.  

I have been there.

However, if you start knowing the necessary tools, systems and skills needed to succeed and get them, you WIN. 

The second is not planning how it will impact their family in advance.  If you don’t build a system for those at home to feel at ease, you will constantly face stress and guilt.  This keeps many mompreneurs from building bigger businesses.  

There is a solution. 

Can you share what surprised you the most about starting your own business? What would you advise a new entrepreneur just starting out 

I have a degree in Business Administration (all-rounder) and I am also a Chartered Management Accountant. However, I still struggled with all the different skills, tools and systems needed. My genius was not enough.  

My advice: Learn from those who have done it before, get someone to hold you accountable for following through, and track your progress. The tracking will keep you motivated when you see your progress, especially on days you feel like giving up. 

Finally, your home is your safe space. Make it a beautiful and secure place for you and your family. They should not get the last dregs of your attention, time, and energy.   

Considering your journey so far, what has motherhood taught you about yourself?

I needed to raise and heal myself before raising someone else. So, I can laugh at myself, which has increased my faith and gratitude. I love kids. 

In one word, can you describe one thing that should not be missing from every home?


Share your journey as a business coach journey and how you get inspiration to get it done. 

My journey as a coach has been steady. I get inspiration from books, and when you work with clients, you connect the dots which leads to more inspiration.  

I would say, results inspire me. 

Can you give our readers one self-care tip and tell us how you relax and spend time with yourself?

First things first, move every 90 minutes to keep your Energy high. Energy is the resource that helps us stay at our best. 

I am a total homebody. I love being at home and watching cooking or home décor shows.  On the days I want to treat myself, I book a spa day and get the full work. 

Burst the motherhood myth that Parents should always prioritize their children’s happiness above all else 

Because in reality, constantly prioritizing a child’s happiness can lead to unrealistic expectations and set the kids up for disappointment in the future. Instead, parents should focus on raising emotionally resilient children who can cope with life’s inevitable challenges and setbacks.

We can’t help but notice your amazing style, can you tell us the secret behind your style and your beauty routine?

I have a fantastic sister who loves fashion and is super stylish, so she has curated what works for me.  I focus on my internal body health, especially brain and gut health, to keep me energetic, creative and healthy.  So good health leads to good skin, hair and zest for life. 

What advice would you give mothers struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance ?

Beauty starts from feeling healthy and strong.  

I advocate intermittent fasting, green and fruit juice mornings, lymphatic breathing, and one critical meal per day. 

Anything else external you do should make you happy and not be a chore. Love whatever you choose to do.  

Finally, can you tell us what you love about being a member of the LagosMums community? 

I love the dedication to supporting all Mums.  I love the access to information and its objectivity. 

Before you go, we’d like to play a little trivia game with you, is that okay?

Yes sure. 

 Here goes, so N1 Million or more sleep?
More sleep.  I can generate infinite income if I have good quality sleep.  


Would you prefer to go on a shopping spree or an all-expense-paid trip to your dream destination?  

The trip.  Achieving a goal fuels my certainty/belief that I can achieve anything I want.  Even better, someone else is funding it because of something I took action to do.  

Homeschooling or traditional school

Traditional schooling has advantages for interacting with other people, learning to adapt, observe, and make mistakes in a safe environment.  

A spa day or Eat out? 

Spa Day. 


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