On Expensive Delivery In Obodo Oyinbo, Rising Bills & Shopping For Baby Stuff In Naija

Who else dreads shopping in these trying times? Anyone?

This Buhari economy seems hard sha. Rice is still expensive. The rain won’t stop falling. The new yam is not too sweet. Tomato is back but tatase is now looking expensive. Plantain is getting too ripe on time. Oranges are not as sweet as before. And to think you haven’t finished paying off the alase that prepared the jollof rice at your wedding and now baby is on the way or has even arrived!

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And despite the unsureness of the light at the end of the tunnel in this era of change, our adorable little ones still deserve the best and premium care from us. Anything to make parenting easy in this stressful time is the way forward.

This is why we have put together our category list of must-haves that you must use by as per your baby possibly having a blue passport and deserving of classy but affordable tinzz. We get you jare. If you are yet to put to bed, then we caught you just right in time. Our list of baby essentials should guide you into saving enough to know when and where to start shopping.


A new mum complained that her husband doesn’t trust her anymore since she had their baby as he is of the firm belief that she exaggerates the amount of diapers and wipes their new baby consumes daily. There have been cases where men have taken up shopping for baby needs not out of duty but just to confirm themselves that the amount being requested for is being channeled to the appropriate places. A key item we believe you need for your baby is a reliable car seat as some hospitals won’t even let you leave without it. Other baby essentials are  bath tub, clothes cabinet, a rocker, and a diaper box. Check out some carefully selection of baby items HERE to stock up before your supply finishes or the new baby arrives.


Now that baby is fully settled into a routine, you will need either a bassinet or a proper baby cot, a diaper bag for your occasional trips for immunization or thanksgiving in church and most importantly a stroller especially if you will be taking some occasional strolls in a conducive environment.  And in the spirit of managing during these Buhari times without compromising quality, this awesome baby crib will make a lot of sense as it can be converted to a kiddie’s bed much later and used till your child is five years or more. You can look through this list HERE to see what else you may have likely missed.


For other fashionable and day to day needs for your growing baby, please check out these selections HERE. And to replace baby’s diapers, feeding bottles and other items that aren’t coming to mind right now, let’s nudge your memory HERE.


Yassss, we said it. We have slashed some thousands of naira off these items, some more than others though because we understand that with our babies, premium care and products are non-negotiable. Besides, babies gotta show some swag. Click HERE to start shopping.

Fastest fingers first! At KONGA, we guarantee competitive prices and swift deliveries especially for all baby needs because we understand the urgency of these items to mother and child.

Too busy to place your order? You can call 08094605555 and we will place on your behalf and deliver in no time.

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