Places to Hangout Sept. 5th Week

Places to Hangout with the Family this Weekend

TGIF Mum! This weekend promises to be very eventful as we commemorate Nigeria’s independence on Sunday, October 1st. The plethora of exciting activities this weekend will provide an excellent opportunity to have a rewarding time with your family and friends.

Independence Day Pop-up Sale

Independence Day Pop-up Sale

There will be food, drinks, ice-cream, smoothies, a games arena, a DJ and of-course the coolest folks in Lagos.

Date: Sunday 1st October 2017

Time: 12pm

Venue: Atlantic SEC mall Chevron Drive

Don’t miss out!


Lasgidi Dayacation Tour

Daycation Tour

Lasgidi Daycation tour is a Picnic, a day out with Friends and family to discover fun and cool places around the city of Lagos, In case the economy did not allow you get your annual dose of international summer, there just might be something to make up for it as the Lasgidi Daycations Tour will be happening live on the 30th of September,2017. Come out with your friends and family to enjoy a fun-stuffed picnic day with an interesting line-up of activities ranging from board to field games, karaoke, and of course an overflow of choice food, drinks and only good music. Even more exciting is the fact that all this fun will be had in the serenading and luxurious environs of the highly rated Lekki Miami Beach Resorts!


Coffee Food Music

Coffee Food Music

Nescafé presents “Coffee Food Music” a pioneering concept which plans to unite like minds of Lagos over alluring coffee recipes which include cocktails and mocktails along with the tastiest meals from the best vendors. It is an event you don’t want to miss.

There will also be tons of fun and exciting open air and video games. Get ready to explore the other side of Nescafé and life you never knew.

Date: Sun, October 1, 2017

Time: 12pm – 10pm

Venue: Fantasy Land, Waring Street, Ikoyi, Lagos

LCA Film Fest

LCA Film Fest

LCA film fest kicks off this Friday Sept 29, we’ll be sharing some of the films we’re looking forward to watching.

With our love for #Ecowas and road trips it’s only right the first film that catches our attention is Borders (Frontieres) . . . . . . . . . .

Synopsis: “Borders” is the story of four (4) women crossing the borders of Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin until Nigeria in order to conduct business.

Adjara is a beautiful Senegalese in the thirty’s. She has been sent by her association to buy goods in Lagos. Emma from Ivory Coast is a widow in her forties. She buys fabric in Bamako and resells them in Lagos. As for Sali, twenty five year old, she is a young Burkinabe girl, shy and naive. She is sent by her fiancé to deliver a parcel in Cotonou. There is also Vishaa from Nigeria. In her fifties, she has moved to Burkina Faso to open a restaurant. She is going to Lagos for her daughter’s weeding.

The four women meet in buses towards Bamako, Cotonou, Ouagadougou to Lagos. During their trip, they discover beautiful landscapes of coastal and Sahelian countries. Nevertheless, the trip is a fighter career. They undergo car breakdowns in stifling heat in the middle of nowhere. They face highway robbers and witness flights between passengers.

But their worst nightmare remains the border crossing. At different borders, they are exposed to great corruption, violence against women and to a dangerous traffic. To survive, Adjara, Emma, Sali and Vishaa are forced to stick together and take care of each other.

Back in their respective countries, the consequences of this trip will change their lives. . . . . . . . . . .

Find out what happens next. Visit to register


The Lords of the Ribs

Lord of the Ribs

It’s going to be a Saturday to remember as Barons World Entertainment presents The Lords of the Ribs with Basketmouth live!

Date: Saturday, September 30th, 2017.

Time: Door opens 6 pm, showtime 7 pm.

Venue: The Eko Hotel Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Host: Basketmouth

This event will feature D’Lai (USA), Kevin J (UK), Angel Campey (South Africa), Salvador (Uganda), Celeste Ntuli (South Africa), Bovi (Nigeria), Buchi (Nigeria), I go dye (Nigeria) and I go save (Nigeria).

Gate fee:

Regular: N5,000

VIP: N30,000

Tickets available at,,




Two Worlds Collided when the head of all criminal gangs in Northern Nigeria encountered a former head of state in prison…GULA!…A Story of Courage, Hope, and Second Chances…based on the book “Baba Ali” by Olusegun Obasanjo…

Executive Producer: Tunde Oduwole…Produced By: Ashvault…and Declassical: Ayo Ajayi…Directed By: Kenneth Uphopho.

Venue: TERRA KULTURE ARENA, 1376, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Dates & Time: Saturday, 30th of September, 2017 = 3PM & 7PM

Sunday, 1st of October, 2017 = 3PM & 7PM

Saturday, 7th of October, 2017 = 3PM & 7PM

Sunday, 8th of October, 2017 = 3PM & 7PM

Tickets:       Regular = N5,000      VIP = N10,000      VVIP = N15,000

Tickets available Offline in the following Outlets: All SLOT Shops Near You; All Ebeano Supermarkets close to you; And Bruno’s Place (Ikeja City Mall)

For More Information, Please Call: 08055556525 / 09086787099

A stage Play like never before…!!!


The Lagos City Suya Carnival

Lagos City Suya Carnival

The idea was borne out of the need to celebrate Africa, Nigeria and most especially our Lagos using one of the chops that has become a household name across metropolis over several years.

Suya, as we all know, didn’t originate from Lagos but you will all agree with me that the average Lagos street or road has one Suya joint or a nearby Suya Mallam joint just few streets away. Such is the love we have shown this delicacy that has seemingly become part and parcel of Lagos.

A Suya carnival, you might wonder? Well, this is one carnival that isn’t been replicated from anywhere in the world as it has its own origin here in Lagos, Nigeria. Which better way could we have launched such a carnival with such magnitude? Where could we have launched this and when could we have launched the Lagos City Carnival are the questions that ravaged our mind when this idea came to me.

For us, after so many deliberations we concluded that no where other than Lagos is perfect for us to berth with this carnival. And which better way to launch it than the commemoration of the Lagos at 50 celebration with the event rounding it off. Making a 50ft long Suya steak and breaking a record hence putting Lagos state as a whole on the world map isn’t a bad way to launch the event of this magnitude.

Date: Sunday October 1, 2017

Time: 10am – 11.30pm

Venue: Alausa Shopping Mall. Obafalabi Street, Ikeja, Lagos


Glimpse Concert

Glimpse Concert

Get ready Nigeria! The biggest and most inspiring dance show ever is going down this Independence day, October 1 @ the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. It is time to create lasting memories with a mind-blowing dance show that is set to elevate your soul and open your heart to a new dimension of life; a revelation that the eyes of many have been blinded to – one that could change our nation forever. Get ready for ‘Glimpse’, presented by the Spirit of David Gospel Dance Club.

Since 1999, Spirit of David has upheld the mandate of spreading inspiring messages with timely themes of peace, freedom and new beginning, every October 1 to commemorate the Independence Day but this year 2017, there is a twist to the message direction.

This year’s show, Glimpse, has the preoccupation of opening the eyes of Nigerians to the way of love, kindness and respect for each other. The Glimpse movement is set to inspire Lagos, propel Nigeria and influence the world at large to choose the way of love. As little at it may seem, Love comes with great impact and immense benefits. The interpretation is simple: True and lasting social freedom begins with individual acts of love!

According to Segun Lawal, fondly referred to as PSegs, on the vision of Spirit of David, he says, “…to ‘speak’ to our generation, we must learn the ‘language’ of our times. Today, especially among young people, that language is music and dance…and no one else speaks as fluently as we do!

It is going to be awesome. About 100 professional dancers from all parts of Nigeria will hit the stage this October 1, to give you the best experience ever. You have not seen anything like this before.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now. Register here

Date: Sunday October 1, 2017

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Venue: Banquet Hall, National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos

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