PoPP Lagos Mums And Baby Club

Parents who bring their children for play at PoPP Lagos may say one or more of the following:

  • I want my child’s brain to be stimulated, not just sitting at home playing with nanny or watching TV all day.
  • I want my child to socialize with other children his/her age, during the week. To start learning to practice sharing, empathy and to know there are other kids in the world.
  • I want my child to start swimming lessons as a baby, she loves water and I don’t want to wait till she gets scared of a pool.
  • I want to come to play with my baby and have a bit of bonding one-one-one time with him. Something different from our usual daily routine, once/twice a week.
  • My baby loves music so I know she will enjoy the music class for babies.


Who we are:

We are the first & only structured play Centre for babies & toddlers in Lagos.

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We say we are the first because we are not a school or crèche.

We offer play activities for children 0 -2.5 years as a ‘stay and play’ option, which means Mum, Dad and in some cases Carer/Nanny come along and stay with your child at PoPP.

This means there is interaction between your child and the care-giver who attends with them. It also means one-on-one care for every child who attends PoPP.

Who are the founders:

We are two mums who are passionate about play for children.

We know the subtle differences between ‘play’ and ‘productive play’ and based on that, we have designed a great programme of play for children in Lagos, at the same standard as you would find at a kids play centre abroad.

Sensory experiences, plenty of music, child-led play – are key. We also operate a no-TV zone, so truly play is the priority at PoPP.

What we do:

We offer children from new-born to two and a half years old fun & interactive activities (we call them play sessions). This includes baby swimming, music, baby gym, art, problem solving & more.

The classes are split into age groups, so we can focus on the developmental stages the children are at. For example, building language skills, practicing crawling etc.

The classes last about an hour. After the play session (or before) children can stay and play with our learning toys or play in our specially designed ‘soft play’ room, which also has a slide, full ball pool, climbing dome and more.

We also have a generous outdoor space for play, a small pool for swimming classes and food can be bought at the café, too.

Why we do what we do:

1000 days! The first 1000 days of your child’s life, from time in the womb to their 2nd birthday, are the most important for their development, research has shown*. Language, Problem-Solving, Building confidence, Physical Development and Personality develop at a very high rate!

PoPP helps you shape those first few years that are important for brain development, by giving you a fun and exciting opportunities for learning (through play).

Play is important because it’s the way children learn and figure out how to interact with the world and other people in it. But not just any kind of play – productive play is what we provide, by picking out the best toys, learning resources and activities that are enjoyable for your children.

child painting

Why PoPP is perfect for your young children:

– We provide a place where your child can come to play & socialise with children their own age, and get them to practice sharing, team playing in a very gentle and unpressurised manner.

– We give children, parents and carers new ideas of games, songs with actions and ways to play for when you return home.

–  We work on specific areas based on your child’s current developmental ability and the milestones they are working towards – for example, sitting up, crawling, walking, talking etc

– We offer plenty of fun & learning toys, different to those seen at home, providing variety and an enjoyable play experience, every time.

– Mums can meet and socialise with other Mums from different backgrounds, countries and cultures, and gain a new network of mums with children of similar ages

Next steps:

Come and join in a play session to see your child’s face of pure joy!

Our opening hours are Monday 9am – 4pm (with a lunch break in the afternoon),  Tuesday & Wednesday 9am – 1:30pm and Thursday 9am – 12:30pm.

For questions please email [email protected] with your telephone number and your child’s name and date of birth.

Call us on 0817 195 0368, to speak to us directly.


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