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Recipe – A New Way to Make Moi Moi

Our recipe of the week is Moi Moi, and we wll be sharing a new different way to make it, so you can enjoy with your family this weekend. Moi Moi, also known as bean pudding, is a food that is not strange to any home in Nigeria, something we all love to enjoy with other foods. This nourishing food with beans, eggs, crayfish flavor is a mouth watering delicacy; today we will be drifting from the norm to give you a new and improved way to prepare it. This recipe is courtesy of KikiFoodies.

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  • Brown Beans
  • Eggs
  • Bell Pepper, 3 pcs
  • Scotch Bonnet (Rodo), 4-5pcs
  • Onions
  • Palm Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Crayfish
  • Crayfish Seasoning
  • Salt
  • Chicken Seasoning


  • Soak brown beans for 2 mins in water, then wash, rinse and peel off the back; seive off the water and leave in a bowl.
  • Half boil your eggs for 4 minutes.
  • Make a rough blend of your pepper mix: put your bell pepper, scotch bonnet, and half bulb of onion.
  • Heat your frying pan, put your palm oil, vegetable oil, and onions. Allow to fry a bit, then put your crayfish and pepper mix. Add the crayfish seasoning and salt, then allow to fry for 5 minutes. Allow the sauce to cool when done.
  • Prepare your blender, put your washed beans, then your sauce. Add water such that it just barely fills the content of the blender. Add salt and chicken seasoning. Then blend till completely smooth.
  • Have ceramic mini-bowls in a skillet and fill them with the blended mix; cut your half boiled eggs in halves and place them on top of the mixes in the mini-bowls.
  • Bake for 40 minutes at 175ºC.
  • Remove the mini-bowls from oven and arrange in a pot of water to steam for 35 mins.
  • Serve and eat your Moi Moi recipe warm!

For a video of the recipe, watch it on here on Youtube.

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