The Right Breakfast Can Make Or Break Your Child. How Breakfast Helps Your Child Grow Daily

We say it all the time, “Breakfast it the most important meal of the day.” Now imagine just how serious this statement becomes when your growing kids are involved. Children need the right nutrients to not only survive their growing years, but also to excel at school.

We’ll let you in on a little secret…

If you want your kids to stay energetic and smart, then you need the right combination of vitamins and an energy boosting nutrient like iron. Would you believe us if we told you a great source of this just hit the stores? It’s a Grain Smart cereal which is a combination of Multigrain vitamins (Oats, Millet, Maize and Soya) and iron. It’s the new Golden Morn Puffs!

Golden Morn Puffs LagosMums

The benefits of multigrain products are endless, not only are they a great source of fibre, they also contain Vitamin B which helps with energy production. When your kids have the right energy they will be focused enough to learn, get smarter and do better. Golden Morn Puffs is a great source of nutrients for kids because it also happens to be yummy.

As your kids go to school, it’s up to you to make the right breakfast choice for them. We know Golden Morn Puffs is fortified with nutrients to make them smarter. Get your kids the 500g pack or the more economical school pack, which can be found in stores near you.

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