The Perfect Weight Loss Tips For New Mums

The period of pregnancy for every woman is a time of lifestyle changes. For some, the joy of holding their little angel in their arms is often weighed against the idea and challenges of shedding off all the accumulated baby fats and hopefully jumping back into your smart cloths again. The thought of slipping into those pretty dresses or jumpsuits that are nicely tucked away in your box awaiting to get your body back can be overwhelming and create anxiety .

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Many mothers are familiar with these weight loss routine after each birth, while first time mothers are full of expectations of what will become of their new stretched bodies. If there is something you should keep in mind, it is that it took 9 months for you to look the way you are now after birth, so it is worth giving yourself ample amount of time to get back your body the way you desire it. The following steps will help you to achieve significant result over time.




Remember that your body went through gradual changes until about 9 months, it is realistic therefore to give your self at least a whole year to get back in shape.

Furthermore, while giving your body time to lose weight, it is important to do it in stages which could serve as personal realistic and achievable targets which could be monthly or quarterly depending on your discipline and Will. This gradual and steady target will over time give a desired result if it’s sustained. This is in contrast to attempt to lose weight too rapidly, as it can be dangerous for both mother and the child, especially as breast feeding is still in progress .



Set realistic goals as you go through this journey. For instance, if you weighed 70 kg before your pregnancy and after birth have accumulated over 15 kg, a realistic weight loss target should not be more than 2 kg monthly. By so doing, you can work through your desired weight loss in 12 months nice and easy.



A good sleep helps the organs to detox at the appropriate time thus loosing weight in purse of it also. As a nursing mother, you are constantly deprived of expected minimum hours of sleep per day, especially during the first 3 months after birth. At this instance, the entire body system is disoriented, so it becomes expedient that you must take things easy and temper your desires as you are already working against nature which ordinarily creates stability and aids in weigh losing .



Prior to commencing any physical exercise program, ensure to get a clearance from your doctor. It is recommended that you start slowly with a 20-30 mins walk. Be a good student of your body at this time by listening to every complain or unusual feeling. If you observe any red discharge, it’s a sign of warning that you are putting the body under pressure too soon.

If your delivery was by C- section, it is safer to keep strictly to your doctors instruction. In most circumstances, doctors would recommend that you wait for at least 6 weeks before even nursing the thought of weight loss. Please note that how strong you may feel in this situation does not matter as doctors know best what your body has passed through, devoid of any emotional sentiment .



It is obvious that your aunties, mother in-laws and several relations will persuade you to eat in between meal, all for the sake of producing a rich and plentiful breast milk for the latest arrival, but it is cautious to know that all you need during nursing is good nutrition. You don’t have to consume that one big bowl of eba, jollof rice or amala. What you need is a good balanced diet in a reasonable portion.



If you are considering whether to breast feed your child only for 3 months, 6 months or more, the good news is that, breastfeeding has its role as it supports reduction in baby fat. The process of lactation which is the production of breast milk involves burning of calories.

Above all, enjoy your new status as a mum. Isn’t it wonderful that your body has just given birth to life?.



Article written by: Onyinye Evans- Nwosu

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