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The Performing Arts School of Nigeria creative center is the one stop shop for all performing and creative arts learning for both children and adults. Our major programs across dance, drama, music, creative and martial arts, are kicking off this September for young learners and adults. Our learning tracks cater to everyone from beginners to professional skilled and for those who just want to have fun and pick up a new hobby.

Our various membership programs are: After school activities membership, PAS adult classes and the Nanny & Me program.

After School Activities Membership Program
The new PAS creative center is taking registrations for the after school program for children between 3-16 years.
Activities includes: Enrichment Programs: Learn X, STEM, Reading Club, Foreign Languages
Performing Arts: Ballet & Contemporary Dance, Hip-Hop & Afro Dance Fusion, Drama, Music & Instruments (violin, guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, flute, ukulele, trumpet)
Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do,Visual Arts: Drawing & Painting, Creative Workshop
Other Activities: Games and Puzzles, Free Practice, Outdoor Fun and Sports
The after school program is from  Monday-Friday, 2pm-5:30pm and on Saturdays 10am-3pm, classes can be taken in groups or one on oneWe offer a varied membership package starting at N 25,000, unlimited memberships allow you to enjoy the facility at any time during this period and participate in the classes/activities of your choice. The upcoming term begins on Tuesday, September 11th
Performing Art
PAS Adult membership Program
Our adult membership program is ideal for Adults who are interested in developing their artistic talents.  Our offerings includes various forms of Performing Arts such as: Dance, Drama, Music & Instruments (violin, guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, flute, ukulele, trumpet). Classes run Monday to Saturday and can be taken as one on one or group classes, scheduled at your convenience.
Nanny & Me Program
Nanny & Me is a stimulation program for toddlers and nannies. Our program is designed around core competencies that are key to fine motor, gross motor, speech, cognitive, social, tactile, and creative development. While the program is fun and stimulating for children, it also serves as a training, bonding, and retention  approach for nannies. With developmental milestone trackers and take-home activities, nannies are encouraged to be more hands-on in the child’s development both in and out of playgroup.
Our nanny and me sessions run everyday of the week from 7am-1pm and provide opportunities for children 9-36 months to engage in age appropriate play.
PAS Nigeria
Give us a call for tours/consultations/enrolling, on 07069077906 or Email: [email protected]
Social Media Handles: Instagram @pasnigeria, Facebook @pasnigeria
We look forward to working with you this term!
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