This Weeks Wrap Up on LagosMums


How has the week been Mums? Who else agrees that this month seemed quite long. Whew! now we’ve come to the end of January, its time to celebrate our mum of the month. Our 1st Mum of The Month in 2017 is the super amazing weight loss consultant AskDamz. We called her “Super” because we followed her story, we loved it, and most of all, it inspired us. We hope it inspires you too.

Financial Success

While still on the topic of finance, last week we discussed tips to save more money as a family you need to catch up on it if yo haven’t. This week we take it a step further with 10 tips for your financial success. Taking points from our keynote speaker Rolayo Akhigbe at last year’s LagosMums Parenting & Networking Event #LMEvent2016

Mum Crush of the Week 

michelle obama

Its no news we love Michelle Obama! We could talk about the 44th first lady of the United States of America all day. She’s been a fantastic role model from her encouraging lifestyle with children, her wit, charm, good sense of humor, her relationship with her husband, the list goes on. These qualities make Michelle Obama our Mum Crush for the week.


Quick Guide For Baby’s Arrival

For first time mums, pregnancy comes with some confusion. Be it what to do or what to buy in preparation for the baby’s arrival. That is why we’ve cut it down to the basics with some quick guide for expectant mums to help you plan what you need before and when your baby arrives – for your baby and for you.

Getting Body Back After Baby

Yaay the baby is here! The joy and beauty of giving birth is so great however a fabulous mums usually struggle to maintain a fab figure after child birth. It’s important to get back into shape after pregnancy. Check out the tips this mum used to get back her body after baby.

How To Make Honey Flavoured Grilled Chicken

Recipe- How To Make Honey Flavoured Grilled ChickenThis weekend we are grilling! Yes mums, take out your grills and pans and lets make some delicious honey flavoured grilled chicken. Checkout our healthy and delicious recipe.


Things to do in Lagos with Family

Finally wrap up the week with a lovely family hangout. Things to do in Lagos with the family this weekend include – The Isolo Shopping Festival, the festival will go live engaging over 500 retailers and 250,000 shoppers. Also you could see ITAN – a stage play at the National Arts Theater. Mums with teenage daughters can check out The Circle. Its a fully packed weekend of activities for everyone.

Protect kids Online

What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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