Tips For Your Next Flight

You might be planning a trip soon, or planning to travel for the summer. Here are some tips for your next flight.

  1. Do not use the blankets or pillows. They are not cleaned or replaced after flights. They are recycled and reused, and usually only get properly washed when the day is over. So Pillowcases and blankets are ideal places for germs and lice that can spread from person to person. People have sneezed and spit so I don’t think you’ll want to use that. So take your own blankets and pillows.Travel
  2. Don’t drink too much alcohol. Like wine, beer and champagne. Alcohol can be very dehydrating, planes have low humidity and thin air and that makes the effects of alcohol hit you faster. One drink in the air is like two drinks on ground so take it easy.
  3. Don’t put ice in your water. Most planes don’t get their water from the tap but they do get their ice from the same contaminated ice water. The tap water is in an old tank and they’ve done tests on the water and discovered that it contains high volumes of bacteria.
  4. Don’t sleep for takeoff. Sleeping at takeoff can have bad impact on your ears, its harder for you to equalize the pressure in you ears, which you would do quickly if your awake, chewing gum or do a big yawn. Also if your more prone to getting headaches on the flight you should hold on before you sleep until your ears pop.
  5. Don’t sit the entire time. When you are on the plane and you just sit, your at the highest risk of getting vein thrombosis, which is a kind of blood clot that usually forms in your legs. To stop this happening just shuffle your legs, walk around the cabin or just stand up and stretch, it helps a lot, and just remember you should move your feet at least once an hour. Also don’t wear tight or restrictive clothing if you do that has the potential to cut off your circulation.
  6. Don’t touch the flush button in the bathroom. Don’t touch the flush button it is highly prone to have nasty germs and lots of bacteria, if you still touch the button in order to protect yourself wash your hand like 2 or 3 times with SOAP. Use like a paper towel or your leg also use the paper towel to open the door.
  7. Don’t switch off the air vent. So usually people just switch off their air vent but the smarter thing to do is were another layer of clothing. Doctors recommend keeping it on because it blows all the germs and bacteria away before entering your personal space, it also prevents your skin drying up.
  8. Do not walk barefoot. People bleed, sneeze, vomit and spill stuff so just imagine stepping on that, like people who walk in their shoes have probably stepped in dog and would you want to step on that. You can only imagine all the nasty germ stored there.
  9. Don’t eat food that has fallen on the tray table. The tray table does not get sterilised between flights. Unless you take/took some Lysol wipes with you don’t take eat what has fallen on the tray table. Some people change their babies there so don’t eat that peanut that has fallen.
  10. Do not refrain from using the bathroom. Holding in your urine is a bad thing for your kidneys and keeping urine in your bladder can cause you to have bladder infections and that’s not fun.
  11. Always pick the left queue. You should choose the left line because less of the world is left handed so people always go right but the smarter thing to do is go left.
  12. Take an empty water bottle. Take an empty water bottle so when you have passed  the security section you can refill it with water from the water fountain. Instead of buying the expensive water from the airport.
  13. Take sanitiser with you. You will be touching a lot of things that millions of people have touched, that contain a lot of germs.
  14. Here is were I got the information, YouTube and here


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Written by Temitope Williams!

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