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Understanding Milennials And Generation Z

At LagosMums 5th Annual Parenting Conference And Exhibition, there was a panel session titled “Understanding Milennials and Generation Z”.

The speakers for the “Understanding Millennials And Generation Z” Panel were Taiwo Akinlami –Total Childhood management & child development expert, Abi Longe – Consultant, Dr. Orode Doherty – Pediatrician and Public Health Physician and Joy Isa – Pastor Elevation Church, educationist, and counselor was the moderator.

Milennials and Generation Z
From L-R: Dr Orode Doherty, Abi Longe, Taiwo Akinlami, Yetty Williams, Joy Isa

It was an amazing and eye-opening session as the speakers helped parents understand that Millennials and Generation Z are not really different, they’re just growing up in a changing world.

Milennials and Generation Z are titles or names used to describe children/adults that are currently between the ages of 13 – 38. A lot of parents say that when their children become teenagers, they don’t feel like they are connected to them and they usually don’t understand how to relate with them. It appears that parents and teenagers don’t understand one another because of age differences.

Raising teenagers is one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood. During those tumultuous years, adolescents feel like they are old enough and they crave independence. This is why when their parents tell them what to do, they often yell, slam doors, or stomp off to their bedrooms.

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The Understanding Milennials and Generation Z panel session was enlightening as the speakers talked about how to understand Milennials and Generation Z in the 21st century. They shared practical tips and strategies to raise adolescents with the right values and understand them.

Milennials and Generation Z

See some tips below:

1. Our children need us to let them make their own mistakes sometimes because they want to learn from these mistakes. Don’t shield them.

2. Do not try and make all their decisions for them.

Let them make their decisions. Your role is to help them, if they ask for your help, by giving advice where needed.

3. Children are thinking beings, do not just give orders without spending time to reason with them. You are not running a military camp. We need to realise we’re raising super brains. Stop talking to your children like they don’t have brains.

4. 6 hours of screen time for a young child per day is excessive. It’s not normal.

5. Children today are being affected by the morals around them. They see the state of the nation and see how dishonesty goes unpunished. However, as parents, we need to avoid raising delinquent adults. It is important to instill the right values in your children.

6. Parents should also be more fun and relatable to get children to open up more.

7. Our children need us to stop caring more about what your friends will think than what your child needs. This is quite profound. Children notice even the little things.

So many nuggets shared on understanding millennials and Generation Z panel with Joy Isa, Abi Longe,  Dr.  Orode Doherty and Taiwo Akinlami.

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Stay winning in a changing world!

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