Dear Stay-At-Home Mum, Who Has Your Ear Time?

Our “Dear Stay-At-Home-Mum Series” contributed by Mrs Sandra Akpujiha is a lovely piece that takes you through a typical day in the life of a stay-at-home mum in Lagos. This series promises to make you laugh your worries away and  learn a few life lessons along the way. You can read the other stories in the series here.

Dear Stay-at-home mum, Who has your ear time?

I can remember when i was the Iyalode of Nigerian Women Zee World Association.

During the time of “married again” (Arti and Yash), I opened a whatsapp group with my co-women. Here, we discussed in details what we watched on that day’s episode and how this and that didn’t make sense. ?????.

You see, we thought we were living life. ‘Shebi we are married and have kids na’. It was not our fault that we couldn’t get jobs at that time or start up any business. #WeCannotCommanKillOurself

who has your ear time

I will never remember when diapers for my boys was about to finish. However, I will remember to save the date our DSTV subscription will expire on my phone so my husband could pay for it immediately.

I could not remember my bible verses the way I remembered every episode and what happened from A-Z.

If they needed a director for “Married Again” Nigerian version, I will win the audition hands down.

When you have misplaced priorities, your life can never leave the stagnant position it has always been.

People that had jobs and businesses will call me as their go to person for gist because of how jobless I was and the perceived value they had for me.

Mama Chinedu will call you to accompany her to the market and because you didn’t have goals and the things you planned to achieve for that day, you will accept.

who has your ear time

Dear stay at home mum,

Who and what has your ear time?

Who and what do you listen to daily?

Does it leave you empowered or disempowered?

Are you a better or a bitter person because of it?

Does it bring out the best version of you?

Does it give you the permission to do more and reach for the stars?

“Ordinary people seek entertainment, extraordinary people seek education and learnings.” ~Benjamin Hardy

What are you seeking for?

On our next series, I will be sharing tips on how we can maximize our time and become productive even with the kids.


Sandra Akpujiha is a certified Result coach and NLP practitioner, she is also the Founder of The Mommies House Facebook Group where she coaches women to rediscover their passion, have their own identity, become productive and create a balanced life of success. 

Popularly known as The Queen Mother, she is a mother to 3 amazing boys and a professional work from home mum.
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