Your Child’s Future Should Come First!

Your child’s future should come first when it comes to wealth creation. The earlier your children start to learn about the basics of money and financial literacy, the better. You don’t have to wait till your children are adults before you empower them with wealth. Getting them to save is one of the basics of wealth creation. Now is the time to do just that as Wema Bank introduces the Royal Kiddies Account. Royal kiddies account is a special account by Wema Bank, that enables children between the ages of 0 to 12 years to get an early start to financial freedom. Your Child's Future Should Come First!


Benefits of a Royal Kiddies Account

The benefits of opening a Royal kiddies Account for your child are numerous. Asides helping you save for your child’s future, it also helps you to teach your child the importance of saving from a young age and introduces the child to using financial channels through the Royal Kiddies e-purse.

In the death of a parent or guardian, the Royal Kiddies account ensures the continuity of a child’s education. It enables standing orders for regular savings from parent’s/guardian’s accounts for payment of school fees

This account has a higher interest rate than a standard savings account. Also, your child becomes eligible for the annual Wema Educational Award upon opening a Royal Kiddies Account.

You get notified of transactions through alerts SMS and/or E-mail alerts. Most of all, you can access school fees advance, scholarships, and life assurance to fund your child’s education.

So many benefits await when you open a Royal Kiddies Account!

When children learn to save from a young age, they make better financial decisions later in life. You can’t afford to procrastinate giving your child a great future!

Join over 10,000 parents and save a minimum of N10,000 monthly in your child’s Royal Kiddies Account, running from November to January 2023 and your child can be one of 20 kids to receive a cash reward of N200,000.00. 

To participate, simply create a  recurrent payment of a minimum of N10,000 to your child’s Royal Kiddies Account on ALAT or at any Wema Bank branch. 

Little savings, make a big difference for tomorrow. Secure your child’s future!!

Don’t have an ALAT account? Click here to download the app now 

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