mums upgrade your skills

Mums Upgrade Your Skills

As the children go back to school, mums this is a great time to focus on yourselves and upgrade your skills. There are many online resources for you to learn new skills and upgrade other skills. Learning is a life time journey.

Understanding Your Child's Develpmental Milestones From Age 0-24 Months

5 Parenting Principles Every Parent Should Know.

  There’s no single right way to raise a child successfully, and in fact no single way to define what a successful child-rearing experience is and so there’ll be times when things don’t go right, it is not how much time we spend with our kids that changes them, it is how well we spend…

LagosMums Parenting Conference


Thrive Women Conference 2018

Thrive Women Conference 2018

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  1. LagosMums 5th Annual Parenting Conference And Exhibition

    October 13 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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