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  • Keep Your Family Cold and Flu Free

    Keep Your Family Cold and Flu Free

    As we are in the “ember” months, with it comes bouts of colds and the flu. You might like to know that you can keep your family cold and flu free as much as possible. The key to preventing colds and flu is to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips on how: 1. Eat for Health Eat plenty [...] Read More »
  • Building Outstanding Schools

    Building Outstanding Schools

    A one Day training on building, starting and improving private schools for budding edupreneurs who want to set up a nursery, primary or secondary school. Join this course with experts who will give you the insight into building outstanding schools. Includes developing a business plan, marketing plan, financial feasibility, building a 21st century curriculum among [...] Read More »
  • Pressure To Look Good Affects Children

    Pressure To Look Good Affects Children

    We might think that the pressure to be cool and to look good does not affect children. Recent research from the University of Sussex psychologists suggests that the pressure to be cool and look good does affect children and is actually bad for them. The world we live in is a world of having more, looking good [...] Read More »
  • Do You Love Nigeria

    Do You Love Nigeria

    Have you ever been bothered or thought about asking your child “Do You love Nigeria“? You might be surprised what you hear. I have found out that many young children and youths when discussing their thoughts about Nigeria tend to focus on the negatives. Maybe it should not be too shocking anyway considering the sentiments of [...] Read More »
  • Recepie: How To Make Plantain Chips

    Recepie: How To Make Plantain Chips

    I personally love plantain chips, tasty and crunchy, a handy snack especially when in Lagos traffic. I've also always wondered how its being made, I know you have that thought too. Our recipe this week shows how to prepare plantain chips and will get you confident enough to try it out. Ingredients: Unripe plantain (for [...] Read More »
  • Fun Facts About Nigeria You Didn’t Know

    Fun Facts About Nigeria You Didn’t Know

    As we celebrate our beloved country’s 55 years of Independence from colonial rule, LagosMums would like to take you through a couple of fun facts you may or may not know about Nigeria. Largely a Nation of diversity and opportunities, Nigeria is known for its hospitality and the commercial/cultural nerve of Africa. The entire population [...] Read More »
  • Raising Children based on Scripture

    Raising Children based on Scripture

    There are several ways to parent and there are several styles but I always like to look at raising children based on scripture for the best guidelines on parenting. Here are some that I would like to share. Guidance we are meant to direct our children on the right path, to teach them and encourage them [...] Read More »
  • IWOW Zumbathon

    IWOW Zumbathon

    The IWOW Zumbathon –  in its 4th year is an annual Autism & Breast Cancer Awareness campaign designed to raise awareness, as well as strengthen community support for families, children and women living with Autism and Breast cancer. The Zumbathon depicts life, fun and energy, focuses on giving hope and saving lives. Join us as [...] Read More »