What To Consider When Picking Extracurricular Activities For Your Child

What To Consider When Picking Extracurricular Activities For Your Child

Extracurricular activities have become a very important part of a child’s educational process. Although they may not be an integral part of the school curriculum, they are important in developing and discovering a child’s skill set and passion. According to Wikipedia, Extracurricular activities are activities that fall outside of the normal school curriculum. They can…

Post-Recession: “Too Early to Cheer”

Post-Recession: “Too Early to Cheer”

According to the recent GDP report released by The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the economy recorded a positive growth after five consecutive quarters of contractions since Q1 2016, signifying that Nigeria is technically out of recession. As the economy begins to emerge from recession,so too should consumer confidence in the market, which will lead…

Places to Hangout with the Family this Weekend

Hey Mum! How will you be spending the weekend? Take advantage of our list of places to hang out this weekend and make the weekend a memorable one for you and your family. Women In Business The Women’s Empowering Event is an event for women to come together, bond, be educated, be inspired and uplifted…

Prince George's First Day At School

Prince George’s First Day At School

Prince George who is attending Thomas’ Battersea- an independent fee paying school in South London, arrived with his dad on his first day of school. He was smartly dressed in his navy school uniform and had a backpack labeled with his name- George Cambridge. His mother who was unavoidably absent had to miss this milestone…


Recipe- How To Prepare Meatzza

Photo Credit: Slimming Eats You have seen pizza, omelette, indomielette and the likes but this one here… *lips sealed*. This is awesomeness in a plate and NO! It is not the same thing with suya. This is an ideal holiday recipe and it doesn’t take so much effort to prepare. Ingredients 450 g minced meat…

Back To School Tips

As the holiday season draws to a close, as parents we must consider one of our biggest costs; the cost of education. Back to school season entails a lot of spending. Here are some back to school money tips as you prepare for the new term: Plan Ahead Ideally,parents should have started planning for the…

LagosMums Parenting Conference and Exhbition 2017

LagosMums Parenting Conference and Exhbition 2017

The LagosMums 4th Annual Parenting event is holding on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 at EKO Hotel, VI – The LagosMums Parenting Conference and Exhibition. Our annual parenting and networking events have become a popular way for mums to meet, talk about raising children, discuss strategies for work – life balance and so much more! So…

Back To School Boarding School Checklist

Back To School Boarding School Checklist

The Summer holiday is nearly over and soon your children will be going back to school. Packing for the whole school year can be overwhelming and stressful as you try to remember everything your child might need. This is the time to compile a shopping list for the necessary items your child will need to resume the…


UK Exhibition

Back to School Shopping List

Cooking Ingredients

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