LagosMums is a community for mums, parents and caregivers. We provide resources, coaching and the latest updates to support you on your intentional parenting journey.

LagosMums is a community for mums, parents and caregivers. We provide resources, coaching and the latest updates to support you on your intentional parenting journey.


How Technology and Social Media Empower People with Learning Disabilities

In today’s digitally connected world, misconceptions about technology and social media’s impact on individuals with learning disabilities persist. However, a closer examination reveals how technology ...
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Smart Financial Goal to Enjoy Christmas Without going Broke!

As the holiday season is approaching, it can be challenging to manage personal finances while still providing a memorable Christmas experience for your family. However, ...

Parenting Webinar – Ensuring your Child’s Mental Integrity and Identifying Mental Health Red Flags 🚩

📢 Attention all parents with children above the age of 10! You are invited to a transformative parenting webinar focused on ensuring your child’s mental ...
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How to Use Social Media for Good: A Conversation on Parenting and Digital Well-being

In a world where social media has become an integral part of our lives, the debate about its effects on parenting and children continues. The ...
child's social media behaviour
Technology and Parenting

A Child’s Social Media Behaviour can Affect their Future

Could your child’s Social Media behaviour affect their future in any way? Most people use social media to connect with others and to share how ...
Technology and Parenting

Navigating ADHD Information on TikTok: Separating Facts from Misinformation

can In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become hubs for information on various health topics. It can be difficult when it comes to ...

Charterhouse Lagos, A unique educational institution that offers world-class education

Lagos, the bustling heart of Nigeria and its economic hub is a beacon of unparalleled education and has emerged, promising to redefine the way premium ...
Picking An Appropriate School Option For Your Child - Boarding Or Day School

Boarding or Day School? Which Should You Pick?

Many parents could be confused when it comes to choosing either a Boarding school or a Day school for their children. The reality is that ...

Cognita Group Of Schools

When was the Cognita group of schools founded?  Cognita was launched in 2004 by His Majesty the King’s former Chief Inspector of Schools. What is ...
Boiled Plantain wilth peppered snail sauce

Recipe How To Make Boiled Plantain and Peppered Snail Sauce

Our recipe this week is boiled plantain and peppered snail sauce; a wonderful recipe to enjoy with the family this weekend. Are you watching your ...
Peak 456
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Peak 456 And Its Benefits For Your Child

Peak 456 contains so many benefits for your child. Many people assume that when a child is fully weaned and stops breastfeeding in the early ...

5 Easy Foods That Helps Prevent Depression in Children

While there is no one specific type of food that has been proven to fight depression in children, there are some that can help. Below ...
woman breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms: Everything You Need to Know

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and give them the best possible start in life. I hope these tips help you ...
black mum breastfeeding
Expectant Mum

The Future of Childcare Support for Working Moms

Folake is excited about the arrival of her new baby after being married for some years and a blossoming career in investment banking. She plans ...
back to school money tips

How To Baby Proof Your Home

Ensure your home is safe and free from hazards for your baby.
Doors of opportunity
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3 Ways To Take Stock And Review Your Year

Remember there is nothing like failure as you review your year.
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The Sandwich Generation

The “sandwich generation” finds itself sandwiched between two generations of family members; parents on the one hand, and children on the other. Both of which ...
money matters and marriage
Personal Finance

M is for Marriage and Money Matters

In marriage, money matters. As two individuals merge all their worldly goods, there are many things to consider. After the excitement of the wedding ceremonies, ...
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LagosMums Mum of the Month – Ijeoma Thomas-Odia

Our Lagosmums Mum of the Month for November is Ijeoma Thomas-Odia, a Journalist, PR/Media consultant, gender advocate and parenting enthusiast.  A Wife and the mother ...

Why My Community is Actually My Secret to Success

I believe in the power of community how it can be the secret to success. In celebration of Women’s Entreprensurship Day, I had the pleasure ...
Successful women. Financial. Sale . Technology can make parenting easier

How to Choose Your Sale Strategy As An Entrepreneur

Learn to sell in a way that works for you.

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