30 Blogs with Tips for Transitioning to the School Year

Transitioning to the school year comes with a lot of changes and adjustments for both you and your child, and you may wonder how you’re ever going to get your child ready in time.

In addition to adjusting to the changing schedule, your children also have emerging responsibilities, such as adhering to guidelines set by a teacher and ensuring that homework is completed and turned in on time. These 30 blog entries have the answers to help make this transition period smoother for you, as well as plenty of other tips and tricks to ease stress and form a routine.


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Mastering a Morning Routine

How would you like a stress-free morning?  Mornings can be taxing if there aren’t routines in place to help organize the chaos.  Check out these five blog entries that can help your family master a morning routine.

Setting Up a Homework Space

Having a designated place for your child to do their homework will allow him to focus on his assignments without distraction for a set period of time.  Staying organized means he won’t be running around looking for supplies or searching for assignments that need to be turned in. Here are five bloggers who know a thing or two about setting up a homework space.

Easy School Lunches

Coming up with healthy lunches for your kids’ day after day is hard enough, but making those lunches something that the kids will be excited about and eat is another thing entirely.  Check out these five blog entries for some lunch inspiration.

Quick and Easy School Night Meals

As the kids become increasingly busy with after school activities, you can start to feel like more of a taxi driver than a mom, hauling the kids from place to place.  Here are five blog posts that will help you get dinner on the table in a flash for those busy school nights.

Beating Bedtime Battles

Avoid fighting with your kids over bedtime by using some clever tips from these five bloggers.  They have been there and done that and want to help you.

Carpool Etiquette and Rules

You’ve been asked to be in a carpool to take the kids to and from school.  Seems pretty easy, but what do you do when one of the drivers has a sick kid or is always late?  And what do you do with the kids once you get them to school?  These and many other questions are answered in the following five blog entries.

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