5 Hidden Holiday Destinations In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country blessed with immense amounts of natural resources, wildlife, lands, artifacts, and much more. Nigeria also has a lot of exquisite destinations hidden away in various states that haven’t received the level of activity and razzmatazz that they should because people aren’t aware of their existence. These resorts and ranches offer the same comfort and privacy that most seek when they travel abroad for holidays.

Below are Five Hidden Holiday Destinations in Nigeria

1. Oguta Lake Holiday Complex:

5 Hidden Holiday Destinations In Nigeria

The Oguta Lake Holiday Complex is one of the teeming reasons every family should visit Imo State. With exotic scenes and state of the art recreational facilities that only few can boast, Oguta Lake Holiday Complex is one tourist attraction you need to check out.  The Lake was initially established as a retreat and getaway spot for the colonial kingpins. It contains freshwater and is the largest natural lake in Nigeria after the Lake Chad.

2. Zenababs Half Moon Resort:

5 Hidden Holiday Destinations In Nigeria

Zenababs half moon resort is located in the heart of ijesa land, the resort is situated in a peaceful and beautiful part of Osun State, surrounded by natural beauty, nearby hills, with over 25 acres of lush grounds, providing a luxurious and tranquil environment in which to celebrate special occasions.

3. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort:

5 Hidden Holiday Destinations In Nigeria

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is the perfect holiday spot; either you’re looking for solitude, a romantic getaway, or a family retreat, you’ve found the destination you want. Tucked away in the coastal village of Ikare, this location is rustic with the modern touches here and there to give you the perfect holiday. The resort has a main communal beach house with 6 duplex cabins positioned around a swimming pool and just meters from the sea.

4. Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort:

5 Hidden Holiday Destinations In Nigeria

Experience nature at its best in Ikogosi springs, located in the serene Ekiti state– where natural warm spring meets and flows side by side with cold spring, is surrounded by natural beauty such as hills and lush grounds, it is a home away from home! Ikogosi is one of  Nigeria’s most remarkable wonders of nature, this well-landscaped 116-hectare Resort is a leading tourist destination in the country. The resort facilities are built in conformity with international standard with an exquisite restaurant serving intercontinental dishes as well as local flavors.

5. Abraka Turf and Country Club:

5 Hidden Holiday Destinations In Nigeria

Abraka Turf and Country Club is arguably the only equestrian leisure club in Nigeria and it usually hosts an international Polo Tournament, which takes place annually during Easter Weekend. Situated in the tranquillity of Nigeria’s delta region, The Abraka Turf & Country Club has breathtaking beauty surrounded by rich tropical rainforest and bordered by the mysterious River Ethiope in Delta State. Nestled into the side of the river valley, The Turf offers a range of luxury villas providing the finest accommodation, a wide range of activities and every possible comfort. Here visitors can go horse riding or walk along the nature trail above the banks of the Ethiope river, swimming and fishing!

On the occasion of Nigeria’s 57th Independence anniversary, we urge you to spend your next holiday exploring Nigeria and visit one or more of these destinations.

Happy Independence From all of us at LagosMums!!!

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