How to Make Our Kids Proudly Nigerian


When we were growing up, our education was filled with great heroes like Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa, Henry Carr, Henry Townsend. There was no way you could get pass the first round of any  common entrance examination without being able to accurately recall the States with their capital, State Governors and key Ministers.

Today, my kids attend schools whose curriculums are largely a mix of the British, American and Nigerian curriculums. The Nigerian part of the curriculum leaves a lot to be desired, it glosses over what should be need-to-know facts and fails to excite kids about Nigeria’s rich and extensive culture. Rather than instilling pride in being a Nigerian, it serves to fan the desire to be everything other than a Nigerian or an Africa. We are grooming children that are born and bred in Nigeria to be “coconuts” – black on the outside but completely white on the inside and wondering why we are losing our sense of identity.

Our kids would most likely name more states in America than they can in Nigeria. They know all major landmarks in London, America, Paris and South Africa but may have never been to Olumo Rock or heard of Yankari Games Reserve. They know a lot about Presidents of America but maybe only 1 or 2 Nigerian Presidents. They learn about King Henry VIII but never heard of Queen Amina of Zaria or King Jaja of Opobo.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nigeria)

– Nelson Mandela




We cannot undo the mistakes of the past but we should start now to entrench our children in our culture. This is one of the objectives of 9ijakids, to build kids who are knowledgeable about their culture and their country. 9ijakids does this in a fun way using games. 9ijakids is launching its Independence Month Challenge with a number of new games to help kids learn about Nigeria and have a sense of pride about being Nigerian.


The Nigerian Citizenship Game is a fun game that checks a child basic knowledge of key facts about our country Nigeria. And we just might take back our passport if you don’t scale through lol. Apart from the Nigerian Citizenship game, there are other games like Independence Day Trivia, Celebrity 9ija, 9ijaFood Challenge, 9ijaRoyals and 9ija Heroes. (See pictures of some of the games below)

We are celebrating Nigeria’s independence in a big way with our Independence Month Giveaway, throughout the month of OctoberVisit www.9ijakids.comto play the Nigeria Citizenship Games and other games that teach and educate the children about their country Nigeria. Simply subscribe for access to play any of the games. Its FREE.And wins lots of wonderful gifts for the kids.

9ijakids. Proudly 9ija!!!









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