5 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet!

It’s safe to say that fashion is an evolving thing. Women don’t dress the same today as we did in the 1990’s (or even, for that matter, as we did in the early 2000). We believe every woman should own if not all, then most of these clothings in her wardrobe to fit in perfectly in today’s society while feeling very comfortable as well:

1. Pencil Skirts
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If you do like to look more ladylike and classy, then you definitely should give a try to pencil skirts. They can be in Ankara fabrics, Stretchy or suit material. This feminine garment is a powerful piece of clothing that flatters most body shapes and figures. Yes, you are free to wear pencil skirts to different events, starting from casual ones to formal meetings.


2. A-Line Skirts
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The are flattering, classy and chic! They are definitely every woman’s best friend because of the super comfortability they provide. They go with everything and can be dressed down with a T-shirt or tank.


3. Dark Wash Denim Pants
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These are a must! No matter how many pair of denim you have, a dark wash denim pair is the most classy and versatile style. They can be dressed up or dressed down and paired with almost anything of your choice like; blouses, shirts, sweaters, jackets, you just name it! Get the style that fits your body shape well and make sure they’re comfortable too.


4. Non-Denim Pants

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As grown women, it is advisable to own more than just jeans in your pants collection. A pair of well-fitting pixie pants and slacks should definitely have its place because it fleshes out your wardrobe a bit! They are great for formal and even casual events. If you’re getting these for the first time then it’s advisable to try darker shades like navy blue, grey or black.

The key to any great looking pair of pants is the fit and the placement and style of its back pockets. Always choose a style with normal size pockets that are right at the centre of your backside.


5. Every Woman Should Own A Black Dress!
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Whether long, short, one-shoulder or with a unique detail it’s just one of those things that don’t lose style and you’ll always look put together with minimal effort! You can wear this up with a nice pair of heels and statement earrings or down with a pair of sneakers! it is designed to be functional and works in just about any occasion; cocktail parties, evening occasions and very perfect to go to work. This is why every woman needs a little black dress, multi outfits in one!

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion becomes an instant language!” — Miuccia Prada.


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