5 Ways Dance Classes Can Benefit Early Development

5 Ways Dance Classes Can Benefit Early Development

Dance is a great learning tool for young children. If you are the parent of a toddler, you know that their brains are like sponges. They seem to absorb everything around them. This is why we watch our own behaviour when they are near us. This is also why we teach them to respect others, to share, and to obey. No, they are not going to develop perfect skills at 2 or 3-years old. But, they will have a firm foundation which you will build upon on as they grow and mature.Dance LagosMums

Parents who grew up in dance as children know what a head-start it gives children and they want their children to benefit from dance as they did.

What age is the right age?

You can ask several parents this question and you are probably going to get several different answers. The answer is a very firm, “it depends.” First of all, children begin to develop from the moment of birth. Yes, it takes a while before we can step in and help them harness their energies. Second of all, dance instructors select the age of their students based on their skills and on their own love for the art of dance.

Most instructors will allow some kids on the high end of 3-years old. But they prefer 4-year olds. There are some teachers who will accept 2-year olds. Remember, this is not a personal choice about your child. It depends on the teacher and the age group that he or she works best with.


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A toddler dance class is a preview of what the child will face soon. There is not a lot of expensive gear to buy. The children will learn to follow instructions. They will learn to respect each other. Finally, you will soon know if your child is not ready. Industry leader, Just For Kix tells us, if your child doesn’t participate and just refuses to get involved, they need to wait a while before they join a dance class.

5 Early Development Skills Dance Class Can Help
  • Physical Development

Exercise is a very important development at this age. A child is physically growing and changing every day. Physical development means stretching and growing muscles.

  • Supports Social Skills

Children have to learn how to interact with other children. It is not just about dealing with kids that are nice to you. It is also about dealing with kids who are not so nice to you.

  • Body Awareness

When you join sports (and dance is very much a sport) you must learn to listen to your body. Your body will never let you down. It always warns you. But, you need to develop the skills that help you hear what your body is saying.

  • Communications

A young child often has a problem using words to express themselves. Professional teachers know how to help them with that. Also, they pick up a lot of words and abilities from the other children as they are learning.

  • Self-Control

Young children do not always have a mature level of self-control. Some children do not learn self-control at home and some are just high-strung. But, in a team environment with others, they soon learn that this is unacceptable.



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It will take some effort, but you can find the right classes and the right teachers to begin your journey into child development. The age of the child and the genre of dance you wish to begin that journey is up to you. It is possible to begin your child’s training, very young. But, take their age into consideration. Don’t expect a 2-year old to learn as quickly as a 4-year old. Let them grow comfortably at their own pace, and watch them blossom.


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