Access Bank Approves Paternity Leave For Male Employees

Access Bank approves paternity leave for its male employees.

According to a statement by the lender, “Starting January 2018, male employees of Access Bank can take advantage of an enhanced parental leave policy that extends paid benefits to all mothers and fathers”

Fostering an inclusive workplace, the new policy offers one week fully paid paternity leave to male employees . It allows them to care for their offspring and spend some quality time with the new addition to their family while supporting the new mother who needs the break.

A surrogacy or adoptive leave with full pay for three calendar months for female employees of the bank is included. “These benefits supplement the 12 weeks of paid leave Access Bank currently provides to birth mothers”

Bola Agbede, Head, Group Human Resources said, “Studies have shown that fathers who take paternity leave are more likely to take an active role in child care tasks and will continue to play this role long after the period of leave has ended…. It is important for the new father to take time off, regardless of family structure. This new policy is an evidence of the bank’s support to employees during this wonderful but challenging time in their lives.”

Interesting… here are a few tweets on what people have to say about it

@ojule1 “great, that’s what I call genital equality, nice one” genital equality??

@princekellz “ what Zenith bank has been doing since “ Hmm, who knew

@cruderush “Sterling bank was the first to adopt the paternity leave for their male staff” you don’t say

@ibinusman “other organisation should emulate thus policy too”

It appears Access bank is not the first bank to adopt this policy. However ,they seem to be the only bank to set off efforts to offer unique perks for their staff.

Some other countries have it better. In countries like Belgium, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden, maternity leave is for over four months. Afterwards, both parents can then split up the time however they want. It’s remarkable that Sweden gives fathers 90 paid paternity days leave. This is to promote bonding between father and child during a time when mums are getting a lot of attention.

Do you think fathers are willing to stay away from work for that long to be fully involved in every aspect of taking care of their new born child? It seems that millennials are leading an important shift in our culture but organisations will have to be intentional about changing their cultures to support and encourage fathers to take parental leave.

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