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What Is New In Parenting Teens?

What is New In Parenting Teens?

If you do not know that teenagers have their own language then you either do not have a teenager or you are out of touch with your teenager. We are helping you out here by sharing what is new in parenting teens today. Teens have their own language and its helpful for parents and other adults to know what some of these languages are.


1. Fun And Harmless Teenage Slangs

With these ones, there’s nothing to worry about
You need to know them so you’re not in the dark when teenagers are trying to keep their  convo on a  dl

  • Bruh–A casual nickname for “bro”
  • Convo– conversation
  • Dl– Down low (trying to be coded)
  • Extra– When someone is being too difficult to deal with or doing over-sabi e.g Ella is always extra
  • Fall hand – Disappoint
  •  Fashi– Forget something
  • Fam–Their closest friends
  • Gucci–Something is good or cool e.g Gucci gang
  • I’m weak–Short for “That was funny!
  •  Lit– cool or awesome?
  • TBH–Acronym for “To be honest”
  • Snatched– You’ve probably heard “eyebrows on fleek” ,“my eyebrows are snatched is the new improved version”…lol✔
  • Squad–Term for their friend group
  • Woke– Stay woke… to be highly aware of social issues

2.Teenage slangs that are not necessarily wrong or worrisome.

These are just not as fun and harmless as the first list and they require attention. Your teen is likely getting a bit mischievous

  • Bae– “Before anyone else” used for boyfriend or girlfriend or someone they love
  • Curve–To reject someone romantically
  •  Low Key–A warning that what they’re saying isn’t something they want everyone to know
  • Salty–To be bitter about something or someone
  • Skurt–To go away or leave
  •  Straight fire–Something is hot or trendy
  • Sip tea–To mind your own business
  •  Throw Shade– To be mean to someone by subtly insulting or making fun of them.

3.Teen slangs that you should definitely be wary about❗❗

We shouldn’t wait until our teens become secretive or spend too much time on the phone before we know something is up.

CNN also has a lot to say about this worrisome teenage slangs 

  • Thirsty – Being desperate for something often in ways that are not attractive
  •  Down in the DM– Short for plans in their social media or texts for an oncoming sexual hook-up
  • Smash – To have casual sex
  • Netflix ‘n Chill – To meet under the pretense of watching Netflix/TV together when actually planning to meet for “making out” or sex
  •  CU46 – Acronym for “See you for sex”
  •  9–Short for “A parent is watching!”
  •  GNOC – Acronym for “Get naked on camera”

The Social world is moving too fast with different cultures from around the world coming in contact and our teens are caught in the middle. It is our job to lead them down the right path and save them from themselves if need be. As parents, we should always be on the look out and watch out for some social media trends that are harmful. Some of the songs they listen to also need to be censored.

Parenting Tip: Stay Woke!


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