Announcing Thrive Women Conference 2019

Thrive Women Solutions (TWS) is delighted to announce it’s much awaited 2nd Annual Thrive Women Conference which will be taking place on Thursday 14th November 2019 at Sheba Centre, Ikeja Lagos by 8 am. The conference is a one-day event for 500 participants targeted at enlightening and empowering female entrepreneurs, stay at home mums looking for opportunities to better themselves and network as well as career women looking for a side hustle in order to live financially independent, emotionally and physically healthy lives. The Theme of this year’s Conference is “Today’s Women: Influencing and shaping the future” It will comprise the opening and closing ceremonies with raffle draw, lunch, tea/exhibition break and three sessions covering;

  • Entrepreneurship and Finance 
  • Career and Life,
  • Emotional and Physical Well being,

Thrive Women Conference also offers some attendees mentor ship opportunities for continuity in their drive for financial independence and emotional well being.

The topics were chosen based on current issues affecting female entrepreneurs and women in Nigeria, and the strong lineup of speakers were carefully selected and matched to the topics in order to positively impact the lives of the participants to gain insights into living richer, more fulfilling lives for themselves, their families and communities. The conference sessions are all engaging and interactive and promises to be uplifting and impactful.


Thrive Women Solutions (TWS) is a social enterprise dedicated to helping women empower themselves and others to live financially independent and emotionally healthy lives through our various platforms; Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, Podcasts, Newsletters and conferences. It was born out of a strong desire to assist women empower, discover and love themselves through the various seasonal cycles of their lives by supporting their economic growth and emotional well being, hence living more fulfilling and rewarding lives for themselves, families and their communities. One woman lifting up another is key for us.

For more information visit: or social media platforms Thrivenaijwomen and hashtag #TWC2019, #Thrivewomenconference


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