Ashbourne College to Visit Lagos Nigeria

From A-Levels to University, Ashbourne College will help you explore the benefits and things to consider about UK education. Are you interested in a UK education for your child? Ashbourne College will provide you with the following on your journey to getting into a UK University;

Ashbourne College Lagos Fair
Choosing the right A-Levels

Most, if not all, of the top UK Universities, will require specific subjects to be taken. We will explore the most important subjects to take for particular degree paths, including looking at their content and assessment and what subjects complement each other well.

Choosing the right University

With around 20 UK Universities in the top 100 world rankings there is a lot of choice for top Universities. We will explore the best Universities in the UK and look at the most popular courses available.

What top UK universities are looking for in a candidate

The top UK Universities want students who they know will be successful in their course and who demonstrate a passion for their subject. We will look at the skills that Universities value most, how to develop them and how to showcase your interest in a subject.

How to prepare a strong University application

We will look at the University application process and the timeline for its preparation. There is now a greater interest from universities in super-curricular activities so we will explore what students should be doing outside of school to boost their application.
Ashbourne College will be in Lagos on the 12th  of November,2022.
Venue: Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi
Time: 2 pm WAT
Bio about the speakers: Mike Kirby
MSc (London); BApSc (Toronto); MInstD Mike Kirby founded Ashbourne College in 1981 and has since presided over its continuing academic development and growth in reputation. Mike studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto and Statistics in London. He is a key figure in the promotion of independent education in the UK through bodies such as the Council for Independent Education (CIE). He is a former main member of the Admissions Panel for Medicine at UCL.

Sean Pillai
Head of Sixth Form and Careers Leader
MEng Civil Engineering with Business Management (Warwick University); QTSAs Head of Sixth Form Sean plays a very active role in offering students the high levels of individual attention and support required to enable them to reach their academic potential and make the right decisions for the next stages of their lives. Sean also teaches A-level Maths and Further Maths at Ashbourne.

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