ASUU: The Effects of the Strike and 3 Things you can do with your Time

Both parents and students can attest to the effects of the ASUU strike on their day-to-day, even so, the society. The Academic Staffs Union of Universities, commonly known as ASUU has been on its customary strike in the year 2020; which commenced indefinitely on the 23rd of March. The strike has lingered on for months now and is set to go on; as the union stated to students and parents that they should not expect a suspension of the strike by its members soon.

As at the 23rd of December 2020, ChannelsTV confirmed on twitter that ASUU has called off its 9-month old strike.

ASUU the effects of the strike

Asuu Strike

Students in federal universities that have been affected by the strike have been forced to stay at home; even after other schools that have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been reopened. Lack of continuity in their academics has led to a sense of idleness in the students; leaving them frustrated or not knowing the next step to take amid the ongoing strike.

Here are the likely effects of the strike on students, parents, and even their immediate environment.

Loss of Interest in Academics

With the strike still ongoing, many students have found reduced interest in the school system. The neglect felt by students has made most of them conclude that education is not important. Hence the phrases used by students, “who school epp” and “school na scam”; meaning who has school helped and schooling is a scam respectively.

ASUU the effects of the strike The inconsistency in activities of the educational system as due to the ASUU strikes from years back till now has led to the defamation of the educational sector in general by students in the country.

Poor Academic Performances

Staying at home for a long time has made academic excellence a difficulty for students; as they have not been active in school and do not find the need to access their books and school materials. Excelling academically requires constant learning; and with schools in suspension, there are virtually no avenues to facilitate this learning.ASUU the effects of the strike

The eventual resumption back to school would require students to be eased back into the system; as most students will struggle to cope with learning after being out of school for a long time.

Increase in Social Vices

This indefinite school strike can lead to the violation of societal norms and values by students; crime-related acts such as prostitution, alcoholism, drug abuse, and so on, will possibly be on the rise due to the strike. Even vices such as examinational malpractice would be rampant when schools resume due to the strike and students deterred from learning.

The saying, ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ comes to mind; as a sense of idleness leads to pressure on students from peers and even parents. This idleness makes them succumb to unwholly acts and become a nuisance to society.

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With these effects listed above, students need to keep themselves busy for this period and see this as an opportunity to grow themselves in other aspects. Here are 3 things students can do, and what parents can get their children involved in during the strike.

Learning Online

Students can learn from online courses while the  ASUU strike is still ongoing. Learning new things outside of school or learning the school curriculum from online platforms is a good way to go about the forced holiday. This will allow for more growth and knowledge by the time they resume back to school. Online learning platforms such as Google, Coursera, Udemy, Facebook for Business, and so on, are good avenues to go about this.


Students can voluteer to garner experience and while away time during the strike. Volunteering in companies, industries, NGOs, etc; in their areas of study or interest will go a long way to preparing them for life after school.

Starting  a Business

Venturing into a business will keep students occupied during the period of the ASUU strike. Buying and selling or offering services such as tutoring temporarily in basic schools; will help students gain financially and not be dependent on their parents and families.

Listen to Yetty Williams, on the radio show ‘Parenting Today’, as she talks about 3 things you can do if you are affected by the ASUU strike HERE.

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