Baby Lounge

Baby Lounge Opens In Victoria Island Lagos

Working Moms of infants & toddlers and their employers just got a much-needed boost. Finally DAYCARE that is much more than NANNY care!

The Moms – peace of mind, their employers – better work productivity levels. The Baby Lounge, a world-class childcare facility is designed with working Moms of young children located in Victoria Island, Lagos. It is open all year round from 7am-7pm. Providing professional care & education for the Early Years.

Baby Lounge
*Daily reports (which are a snapshot of the child’s day)
*Developmental milestone checklists (tracking our children’s development)
*Reminders on children’s upcoming immunizations
*School readiness skills
*Reading programmes (nurturing the love for books & building their word bank)
*Baths & Naps

ALL in a HOMELY & stimulating environment.
Childcare like you’ve never seen it done in this clime….You should visit this facility. Really.

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