Background Checks for Nannies

Background ChecksAs a result of growing cases of kidnapping and child abuse cases that have gathered national attention in recent years, there has been a growing trend to increase background checks on domestic workers that come in close and regular contact with children.

Obtaining and reviewing a background check is an essential step in finding the best care. Background checks can be helpful and uncover potential warning signs about candidates. The background checks offered through vary in comprehensiveness. This guide provides in-depth information on what’s covered by each background check you can request:

  • Confirmation of Identity – The basis of any accurate nanny background screening is ensuring that you are screening the actual individual who is applying for your job. We help to verify the individuals’ name, date of birth, address, and driver’s license number by cross referencing the information the nanny candidate has supplied on the application and background screening authorization form.
  • Address Verification – The Address Verification is a critical part of background checks for domestic workers. Finding out as much as you can about the candidate’s community and close contacts is a good way to find out more about them and their associations.
  • Criminal Database Search – While the criminal databases are not always comprehensive, they are a great place to start to rule out candidates with any glaring issues.
  • Educational/Credentials Verification – Our investigators go to the schools to verify the accuracy of the credentials submitted by the candidate. We have relationships with Registrar offices all over the country, and can quickly assess if someone is falsifying their credentials in any way
  • Professional Certificate Verification – Be sure to verify any and all information candidates present about their educational background, training, and licensing. Request copies of transcripts and diplomas and contact schools, colleges and licensing boards to verify the information provided.
  • Previous Employers/Personal Reference Check – Some employers mistakenly do not ask for references, sometimes thinking it’s a waste of time because former employers won’t reveal a candidate’s weaknesses or speak openly about an individual’s performance. Conducting an interview will simply give you the candidate’s side of the story. Our investigators are trained on asking the right questions to a previous employer to balance out that story and provide some insights from a third-party, managerial perspective.
  • Motor Vehicle Record Review – It is important for nannies who are transporting children to do so safely and responsibly. Parents should confirm that the nanny has an actual driver’s license with a clean driving record.
  • Credit Check – Getting an insight into a candidate’s financial history could reveal financial troubles, which may be a source of additional stress or temptations for the nanny.
  • Social Media Search – With the increase usage of social media, it is important to conduct social media searches on your candidates. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others will provide more information on the candidates, their friends/family members, and their activities.
  • Individual Assessment – Develop additional questions you would like the shortlist of nannies to answer. This process gives job applicants a chance to explain why they should be considered and NOT be disqualified as a result of any infractions identified by the employer. This provides more insight into the candidate. At Pro-Facts, we can work with you to create the list of questions to present to the candidates. You may develop a template or work with our team to develop an Individualized Assessment process that works for you.

Remember, conducting a background check is an essential part of the larger process. It is however important to remember that background checks are not always 100% accurate or complete and are run based on the information provided by the member and available in public databases. It’s quite conceivable that an individual may clear a criminal background check conducted in one state, but harbor an offense in an adjoining state. To help ensure a more comprehensive search, you may want to consider broader screening options, including other states and jurisdictions, for an added layer of safety precautions.

Contributed by Bola Audena | [email protected]

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