Balancing Good Parenting With A Good Marriage

Good Parenting

Balancing good parenting with a good marriage in the early years when the children are still young and need a lot of attention is a challenge most couples face. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to tend to their needs and each other! However, that said, you must find time for each other because if you don’t, your relationship will suffer – and that’s not good for the children either!

One suggestion is to carve out at least 30 minutes to an hour first thing in the morning, for some quality uninterrupted time with your spouse. I suggest very early in the morning because that might be the only time of the day when you are both still mentally fresh enough for a healthy conversation!

Couple Talking

I recommend this because it is easy to build this routine into your lifestyles and stick to it. It is much more difficult to create routines out of other activities such as going to the movies and going out to dinner when you are busy with work and young children. While those other activities are important to enjoy as well, they don’t give you the same uninterrupted quality time as just spending some time at home with no interruptions. I explain this point in more detail in this YouTube video.

Spending quality time together first thing in the morning also helps keep you connected over the course of your day, especially if you are both extremely busy. If you have had deep, intimate conversations first thing in the morning, you are more motivated to check in on each other over the course of the day because you have created some positive interactions that make you “mindful” of each other!

The healthier your communication, the healthier your marriage and the healthier an environment you create for your children. Even if you are both extremely busy!


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