living like Jesus

Thinking and Acting Like Jesus

If you’re serious about becoming like Jesus, examine your heart, then examine His –

1) His heart was pure.

He was cared for by women, yet never accused of lustful thoughts (Luke 8:1-3). Peter, who travelled with Him for three and a half years, described Him as a lamb ‘…unblemished and spotless…’ (1Peter 1:19 NAS). John concluded, ‘…In Him is no sin’ (1 John 3:5 NIV).

2). His heart was peaceful.

His disciples shouted for fear in the storm, but not Jesus. He slept through it (Luke 8:22- 25). Peter drew his sword to fight the soldiers; He lifted His hand to heal (Luke 22:47- 51). When Peter denied Him, did Jesus lose His temper? When the soldiers spat in His face, did He breathe fire in theirs? No, He was at peace. He forgave them. He refused to be guided by vengeance.

3) His heart was purposeful.

He could summarise His life with one sentence: ‘The Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost’ (Luke 19:10 RVS). Jesus was so focused that He knew when to say, ‘…My time has not yet come’ (John 2:4 NIV) and when to say, ‘…It is finished…’ (John 19:30 NIV). But He was not so focused that He was unpleasant. Children couldn’t resist Him. He could find beauty in lilies, joy in worship, and possibilities in problems. He could spend His days with multitudes of sick people and still feel sorry for them. He spent over three decades wading through the muck and mire of our sin, yet still saw enough beauty in us to die for our mistakes. And you are called to follow in His steps.

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