Registration For Caleb International Schools’ March Entrance Exam Is Ongoing!

Every Parent’s worst nightmare is raising children who are unable to be part of a budding society. Children who are misfits in every sense of the word, children we are not proud to show off, Children we cannot introduce to the world.

So we strive, to earn a living, to afford the life we know they deserve, to give them the best education, to make them stand out. We strive to give them our best so we can look back in a few years and say we made it happen. We strive with choices that make these desires realities,

Choose Caleb British International School so you can expose your precious jewels to an excellent education. The entrance exam is on the 2nd of March 2019. See how to register below

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What’s not to like about Caleb?

The Dual Curriculum, the inclination towards high moral standards, the extracurricular activities, the international exposure, the serene environment, the teachers who pay rapt attention and listen beyond words, the entire Caleb experience that prepares your child for the independence of the future.

They offer first class education and a double curriculum which prepares the students for studying anywhere in the world. The students eventually graduate with both the GCE and IGCE certifications.

Caleb has ; to it’s credit, Gold, silver and bronze medals from various International educational and extra-curricular competitions including the highly coveted Commonwealth Science Class Competition organized by the British Council in 2017.

They currently operate two campuses making their services and first-class education accessible to all.

Finding Caleb is the beginning of the end of the strive for the best as parents.

Take that first step today. Register for the March entrance exams.


How To Register

Exams hold on the 9th of March. To register for the March diet, you need; 4 passport photographs and a birth certificate.

Admission forms can be picked up at our Lekki Campus. Get a 50% discount if you download the form at or fill them online here. Entrance Forms cost 10,000 NGN only.

For more information or enquiries, please contact:[email protected]

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